jQuery Conference 2009: Registration Open

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Registration for the 2009 jQuery Conference is now open!

Register here:


More information about the conference: Dates and Venue.

The agenda is still being worked on and will be announced shortly. It’s fully expected that the conference will sell out again (as it has every year, so far) so if you’re interested in coming please sign up sooner rather than later!

16 thoughts on “jQuery Conference 2009: Registration Open

  1. Torbjørn Nerbøvik on said:


    Would it be possible for a payed/free webstreaming, for people to watch on the other side of this planet? :-)


  2. We’re going to record video of some of the main talks – we’re hoping the quality will be good enough for upload.

    We’re also in the process of planning an event that, hopefully, more people will be able to attend (a couple months after the main jQuery conference takes place).

  3. I am so jazzed by all I keep learning on JQuery developments out there, especially how they are being into WordPress themes! I am excited to get to the conference.

  4. I meant to suggest that it would be cool for us to share our videos if that’s going to be allowed. Good for learning.

  5. Sorry for being off topic, but what happened to “this week in jQuery”?

    Greetings, LX

  6. Bill Wilder on said:

    The registration page (http://events.jquery.com/) is indicating “jQuery Conference 2009 registration has closed” which I assume means the allocated capacity at the venue has been reached. Are there any plans to add more capacity (perhaps by using an additional floor at the Microsoft site)?

  7. Bill just asked what I was going to ask but I don’t see any response so will ask again – I’m very keen to come to the conference but it looks like it is full. Any chance capacity will be increased?

  8. Hi Bill and Tanzanite,

    I’m really sorry, but the chances of getting in at this point are slim to none. Not only did we reach capacity, but we also have a waiting list of 300+ people. Perhaps next year we can secure a larger venue for the event.

  9. Any updates on the videos, Sir John? I can’t sleep just thinking what am I missing on this jQuery event.

    More power to jQuery team. Please give us updates on the videos.

  10. I will not be able to attend this conference and looking forward to here upcoming conferences (especially in SF). Also, conference videos will be appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!