jQuery Conference 2009: Dates and Venue

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UPDATE: Registration is now open! Register here: http://events.jquery.com/

Good news everybody! The dates and venue for this year’s jQuery Conference have been determined.

The conference will be held September 12th and 13th at Microsoft Cambridge in Boston, MA.

This will be a 2 day conference with multiple tracks on each day. We’re in the process of planning out the schedule, talking with speakers, and setting up the conference web site.

Watch the jQuery blog or jQuery Twitter feed for notification when registration opens.

While this venue is larger than those that we’ve had in the past (Harvard Law School in ’07 and the MIT Stata Center in ’08) we do expect to sell out all the available seats, as has happened every year so far. That being said, the venue is quite incredible, easily one of the best spaces available for a conference:

A brief synopsis of some of the content that you’ll be able to expect:

The annual conference of jQuery users and developers. There will be talks on jQuery, jQuery UI, plugins, complex application development, and more – all from the top jQuery developers. Case studies from some of the leading users of jQuery will be included along with a 3 hour tutorial for those just getting started.

You can see the schedules from past jQuery conferences here: 2008, 2007. There will be a nominal fee (likely around $100-$150) to help us cover to cost of food for both days and shirts.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Boston this fall!

Note: If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please contact John Resig.

Update: There have been a lot of questions asking if there will be a conference on the west coast (San Francisco) or in Europe. While we don’t have any immediate plans to hold conferences in those locations, this year, we would like to hold them in the future. In the meantime I recommend checking out Full Frontal (UK, November) and Fronteers (Amsterdam, November) – both of which should shape up to be excellent JavaScript conferences.

Update: Thanks to Jeff for adding the event to Upcoming.

41 thoughts on “jQuery Conference 2009: Dates and Venue

  1. Ido Green on said:

    I will do my best to come over. Sounds like a very good place to hang around other hackers that push the web forward.

  2. Joe McCann on said:

    I believe this will be just as beneficial to jQuery users as JSConf was for JavaScript engineers. I’m there.

  3. Scott on said:

    I’m on the wrong side of the pond for this one, but I’ve already booked my Fronteers spot! :D

  4. I’m pumped for two full days of jQuery goodness.

    Along with the primary tracks, I’d love to have a space for 10 minute talks. There are lots of people with valuable stuff to share, but not 45 minutes worth. :)

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  7. Alex. Hannel on said:

    jesus, make one in europe.

    vienna in austria is a very good place.


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  10. Ryan LeFevre on said:

    Just got my ticket! Can’t wait to see everyone at my first jQuery Conference :)

  11. Greg Paone on said:

    Look forward to seeing you all there. Hoping to get a bunch of ideas and better understanding.

  12. Margie on said:

    Is there a refund/cancellation/name-change policy? I cannot find one anywhere.

  13. frank on said:

    I’ve registered and paid through PayPal, yet I have not gotten confirmation email. Is there one being sent to assure I’m registered?

  14. cars on said:

    Look forward to seeing you all there. Hoping to get a bunch of ideas and better understanding

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  16. Is it too early to be planning for 2010? Considering how quickly it sold out this year I wonder.

  17. verici tespit cihazı on said:

    Pitty…For me it is not possible this time to join the conferance but i know i m missing a lot….