jQuery 1.6 RC 1 Released

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This is a preview release of jQuery. We’re releasing it so that everyone can start testing the code in their applications, making sure that there are no major problems.

You can get the code from the jQuery CDN:

You can help us by dropping that code into your existing application and letting us know that if anything no longer works. Please file a bug and be sure to mention that you’re testing against jQuery 1.6 RC 1.

We want to encourage everyone from the community to try and get involved in contributing back to jQuery core. We’ve set up a full page of information dedicated towards becoming more involved with the team. The team is here and ready to help you help us!

jQuery 1.6 RC 1 Change Log

The current change log of the 1.6 RC 1 release.


  • #6481: revert $.param should treat empty arrays/objects like empty strings
  • #7881: Make compatible with XHR 2
  • #8417: When posting AJAX and the data has “??” is formats it to jQuery<timestamp>?
  • #8744: .ajax() jsonp requests are not handled correctly when hitting timeout
  • #8884: jqXHR breaks names of custom header fields


  • #3786: removeAttr should use jQuery.props
  • #4283: .attr(‘checked’) & XHTML 1.1 Strict
  • #4464: IE cannot get width attribute of detached IMG element
  • #4978: jQuery.prop missing cellpadding?
  • #5413: tag “img” width/height attribute is zero (IE)
  • #6562: using .attr() to set the ‘target’ attribute, with a node that has ID of ‘target’
  • #6708: Opera has inconsistent result for usemap attribute value
  • #6823: Make .val(value) faster for common use case
  • #7472: $(‘form’).attr(‘id’) return DOM Element
  • #7485: Inconsistency between has [attribute] selector and attr() method
  • #7709: Permission denied to access property ‘nodeType’ from a non-chrome Firefox/3.5.15
  • #7996: Safari $(‘script’).attr(‘event’); Bug
  • #8117: .removeAttr don’t works with select element’s size attribute
  • #8150: removeAttr issue in webkit, firefox
  • #8255: support for list attribute
  • #8418: set name parameter using attr() method in IE 7
  • #8457: attrHooks
  • #8570: .val method returning “on” for dynamically created radio buttons in ie9
  • #8699: .attr() returns -1 on missing attribute instead of undefined
  • #8772: Using .attr() to set input type ‘range’ causes script error in IE9


  • #8854: Bug in minifier process


  • #2616: A better jQuery.map
  • #3116: .attr does not work with SVG IDLs
  • #4366: $.each fails in IE with document.styleSheets
  • #6690: Store references to location and navigator objects
  • #7049: making jQuery.noConflict() callable anytime
  • #7783: Fixing $.proxy to work like (and use) Function.prototype.bind
  • #7862: jQuery.globalEval(): Execution Delayed By Remote Scripts in Firefox
  • #7990: Script space quota exhausted error when creating a large HTML block with jQuery constructor in Firefox
  • #8882: Tests: Update QUnit usage, replace id=main with id=qunit-fixture
  • #8893: jQuery.proxy( context, name ) bug in 1.6b1


  • #6135: jQuery tries to access the .style attribute of text tags
  • #7345: Support relative values for $().css()
  • #7730: offset.js: setOffset uses parseInt to parse css values which may contain floating point numbers
  • #8401: minor enhancement to opacity cssHooks
  • #8402: jQuery.cssProps is useless in all browsers but IE6/7/8
  • #8403: jQuery Bulldozes Other IE Filters When Assigning Opacity


  • #7328: Should data-foo-bar be accessible via .data( ‘fooBar’ ) as well as .data( ‘foo-bar’ ) ?


  • #7917: .animate() when used with large groups of elements is not “in sync”
  • #7934: $.fn.animate to implement deferreds
  • #7974: Cleanup effects.js to improve performances and reduce filesize
  • #8099: SPAN element becomes block level on show()
  • #8101: use requestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval for animations, when available


  • #5884: live mouseenter/mouseleave events don’t fire as expected when nested
  • #6514: Mouseenter and mouseleave events not able to be triggered if bound by live
  • #6913: namespaced event bubbleing wrong
  • #6993: .bind() and .one() don’t allow a function as data
  • #7071: Accessing the ‘type’ property on VML elements fails on IE
  • #7883: .delegate (and .live) should accept false as the fn arg, like .bind
  • #8018: Unsafe access to frameElement causes error in crossdomain (i)frames
  • #8272: Exceptions in plain JS object event handlers swallowed by jQuery
  • #8712: Custom events don’t bubble up to window
  • #8732: Incorrect feature detect for IE9 focusin/focusout
  • #8753: jQuery 1.6: jQuery.Event contstructor to support setting properties
  • #8755: binding to beforeunload throws an error in IE6, 7, 8 on page unload
  • #8777: jQuery 1.6: undelegate() accepts custom namespaced events
  • #8788: Reorganize jQuery.event.trigger to use loop instead of recursion
  • #8790: Optimize non-attached events such as data events
  • #8803: jQuery.holdReady() method


  • #1954: val() returns innerHTML for button elements in IE
  • #6180: jQuery.clean should not touch script tags that are not of type text/javascript
  • #7623: Exception thrown in replaceWith
  • #7885: jQuery .offset doesn’t property works when current offset is float (which is possible in FireFox)
  • #8060: Setting checked to true on a disconnected checkbox does not carry over after attaching to DOM.
  • #8500: radios and checkboxes revert to default (HTML) state when wrapped in IE


  • #8203: Remove un-needed “someVar = null;”s
  • #8851: Wraps strings with double quotes in sources and tests


  • #7931: scrollTop and scrollLeft setters return null when called on empty jquery object


  • #3685: Selector fails for forms with an element named “name”
  • #4321: $(“#”) returns undefined
  • #8105: :focus selector filter


  • #2773: $.fn.is and $.fn.not should accept DOMelements and jQuery collections
  • #5712: Allow jQuery.fn.is to accept a function
  • #6912: $().add(selectElement) adds option children instead
  • #7369: $(‘<div>ff</div>’).closest(‘[attr]’); raises exception in all browsers
  • #8609: Result of .find(” “) is undefined

Official Plugins: A Change in The Roadmap

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Barely six months ago, we announced that we were adopting three plugins developed chiefly at Microsoft – Templating, Data Link, and Globalization – as official plugins, to be developed in accordance with the standards of and supported by the jQuery project. Today, we’d like to take an opportunity to share what we’ve learned in the interim and announce a change in course for these and the rest of jQuery’s “Official Plugins.”

There never has been a dedicated jQuery team for supporting Official Plugins. Prior to the adoption of Microsoft’s contributions, the plugins that the jQuery project supported – Color, Easing, bgiframe, Mousewheel, Metadata, and Cookie – were dead-simple, effective plugins for achieving a particular utilitarian end. They required little maintenance, stalwartly serving with little fuss from version to version of jQuery core. In recent months, as we noticed an uptick in questions related to the three new plugins, we realized there was a disconnect. Though development on beta versions of the plugins continued at Microsoft, the planned jQuery sub-team that was meant to collaborate with and adopt Microsoft’s work never formed.

As demand has grown, based on the existence of the beta versions of the plugins as well as promises made in the posts, we’ve sensed the rumbles, the confusion, and the confused exclamations: “I thought templating was going to be in 1.5!” Because of your concerns and ours, we’ve decided to eliminate the notion of Official Plugins altogether. It’s a difference that’s both semantic and symbolic, but this is its material impact:

Many of the original supported jQuery plugins (Color, Easing, and Mousewheel) will continue to be supported and maintained by the jQuery Core Dev Team. The Metadata plugin will be deprecated, in favor of similar functionality provided by jQuery 1.4.3 and above. The Cookie plugin will continue to be maintained by Klaus Hartl.

The jQuery UI project will take ownership over plugins on which it has a current or future dependency: Templating, Globalization, and bgiframe. The jQuery UI team plans to begin work anew on templating and globalization, starting with the normal process for UI plugins: Collaborative development on a spec. While some may perceive this as a setback, given existing progress on the current jquery-tmpl plugin, it is really an opportunity for us to work in tandem with the community — Microsoft included — to develop an implementation that will be effective and flexible. The “official plugins” Microsoft has been developing have always been in a beta state, subject to change and with significant revisions planned for the Beta 2 release, but we recognize (and appreciate) those of you who have jumped in and started to experiment and use them in your applications. The UI team is still in the early planning stages for the Templating and Globalization plugins, and we invite you to visit the planning wiki and share your thoughts about development.

Microsoft will continue to develop and support the Data Link plugin independently, and will take ownership of hosting the documentation for the existing plugins.  In the short term, however, we’ll keep the documentation for these plugins on api.jquery.com, in order preserve a reference for anyone who needs it. For more on Microsoft’s plans for Data Link, please read their Official Plugins Update. We value Microsoft’s ongoing contribution to jQuery, providing developer time and financial support for a number of efforts, including the jQuery UI Grid and the jQuery conferences.

We realize that some of these details may seem in flux or merely organizational, but we know that it’s important to tell the community of changes like these as they’re happening so that you can make the best decisions for your applications as soon as possible. We hope you understand why we’ve had to make these shifts and encourage you to get involved and help us push these important projects along!

Addendum: So Why Weren’t Templates in 1.5?

Though we initially announced that the jquery-tmpl plugin would be part of jQuery Core in version 1.5, the plugin was, as it is today, still in the Beta 1 stage. Thus, when the time came last December to really evaluate new features for 1.5, it was not really considered ready for inclusion. Given what we’ve explained above, we hope it’s clear that we don’t plan to include templating directly in Core in the near future. The jQuery UI Templating plugin will be a standalone plugin with no dependencies on any other part of jQuery UI, and will become the only templating solution “officially” supported by the project, though jQuery will, of course, continue to work with any JavaScript templating engine that spits out good, old-fashioned strings of HTML.

jQuery 1.6 Beta 1 Released

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We’re nearing the completion of jQuery 1.6! We want to get a beta out so that everyone can start testing the code in their applications, making sure that there are no major problems.

jQuery 1.6 Beta 1

You can get the code from the jQuery CDN:

You can help us by dropping that code into your existing application and letting us know that if anything no longer works. Please file a bug and be sure to mention that you’re testing against jQuery 1.6 Beta 1.

We want to encourage everyone from the community to try and get involved in contributing back to jQuery core. We’ve set up a full page of information dedicated towards becoming more involved with the team. The team is here and ready to help you help us!

jQuery 1.6 Beta 1 Change Log

The current change log of the 1.6 release.

  • #6782 Optimizes regex for innerHTML to allow more html snippets to use faster method.
  • #7328 When getting data- attributes, after-cap any embedded dashes per the W3C HTML5 specs.
  • #4146 Fixing inconsistency with width/height on inputs.
  • #7345 Adds support for explicit/relative string values in .css().
  • #7783 Fixes $.proxy to work like (and use) Function.prototype.bind
  • #8753 Allows special properties to be explicitly defined on jQuery.Event objects.
  • #7587 Bypass regexp filter on $.parseJSON and use native thrown exceptions if window.JSON.parse is available.
  • #8150 Fixes an issue where if removing the width and height attributes in IE6/7, setting to “” actually sets to 0 instead of auto.
  • #6562 Fixes an issue where if you have a DOM node with the ID of ‘target’ and you try and set a target it fails.
  • #8744 Makes sure script transport abort method actually removes the script tag even if readyState exists.
  • #8712 Bubble custom events to the window when they are triggered.
  • #8635 Fixes an uncaught exception in Firefox and removes unnecessary “manual” garbage collection.
  • #8568 Fixes an issue where live event callbacks can get out of order in the event liveHandler function.
  • #8417 Disables the JSONP replacement for $.ajax() JSON POST.
  • #8099 Fixes an issue where SPAN elements become block level on show().
  • #8593 Fixes an issue where DOM 0 event handlers are called twice when a separate handler is attached via jQuery
  • #8402 Fixes an issue where browsers implementing window.getComputedStyle completely ignore the “fixed property” in jQuery.css(). This makes the implementation of jQuery.cssProps more generic.
  • #8401 and #8403 .Fixes an issue where jQuery “bulldozes” other IE filters when setting opacity
  • #7071 Corrects an issue where accessing the ‘type’ property on VML elements fails on IE
  • #4321 Fixes an issue where $(“#”) returns “undefined” and an exception on Opera 9.6.
  • #7883 Just like .bind, .delegate (and .live) now accept false as a shortcut for function(){return false;}.
  • #2773 $.fn.is and $.fn.not now accept DOM elements and jQuery collections.
  • #8777 undelegate() now accepts custom namespaced events.
  • #3116 .attr() now also works with read only interfaces of the SVG specification.
  • #8732 Changes feature detection for focusin event support so that IE9 won’t have duplicate vents.
  • #7369 It is now possible to use .closest() on disconnected nodes with attributes.
  • #4366 Fixes an issue where $.each was failing when passed document.styleSheets in IE.
  • #7931 Corrects an issue where both the $.fn.scrollTop and $.fn.scrollLeft setters returned null when called on an empty jQuery object.
  • #8101 We now use requestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval for animations when it’s available
  • #8018 Fixes an issue where unsafe access to frameElement causes errors in crossdomain (i)frames
  • #6180 jQuery.clean no longer affects or modifies script tags which are not of the type text/javascript
  • #3685 Corrects a previous failure when selecting forms with an element named “name”
  • #8790 For cases where an event that is triggered is not native (ie. should not have inline handlers) we should bail out immediately for optimization purposes
  • #8814 Fixed a minor issue where in core.js, we don’t need to check for indexOf in the fallback inArray definition.
  • #7472 and #3113 Fixes an issue where if attribute names in forms share the same names as attribute types (eg, id, name etc) a conflict was being experienced
  • #7054 Ensures that the DOM element ref in an event handler is removed by cleanData to avoid an IE6/7/8 memory leak.
  • #8418 Fixes an issue where attr(“name”,”value”) is not working to set name attribute value in IE 7
  • #7996 Fixes a Safari 5.0.3 bug when trying to use jQuery’s .attr() on a script tag to access an attribute named “event”.
  • #8772 Fixes an issue where IE9 fails to gracefully handle the setting of unsupported input types such as ‘range’.
  • #4283 As part of the .attr() rewrite, false will remove Boolean attributes such as checked.
  • #8699 .attr() no longer returns -1 on missing attributes instead of undefined.
  • #6837 Corrects an issue where IE fails to return the correct value of the default/first item in the select after a form reset, instead returning an empty string
  • #4464 Fixes a bug where IE was unable to get the width attribute of detached IMG elements
  • #7485 Fixes an inconsistency where a selector doesn’t return all elements which have the attribute even if upon checking with the attr() method it returns a value.