jQuery 1.6 RC 1 Released

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This is a preview release of jQuery. We’re releasing it so that everyone can start testing the code in their applications, making sure that there are no major problems.

You can get the code from the jQuery CDN:

You can help us by dropping that code into your existing application and letting us know that if anything no longer works. Please file a bug and be sure to mention that you’re testing against jQuery 1.6 RC 1.

We want to encourage everyone from the community to try and get involved in contributing back to jQuery core. We’ve set up a full page of information dedicated towards becoming more involved with the team. The team is here and ready to help you help us!

jQuery 1.6 RC 1 Change Log

The current change log of the 1.6 RC 1 release.


  • #6481: revert $.param should treat empty arrays/objects like empty strings
  • #7881: Make compatible with XHR 2
  • #8417: When posting AJAX and the data has “??” is formats it to jQuery<timestamp>?
  • #8744: .ajax() jsonp requests are not handled correctly when hitting timeout
  • #8884: jqXHR breaks names of custom header fields


  • #3786: removeAttr should use jQuery.props
  • #4283: .attr(‘checked’) & XHTML 1.1 Strict
  • #4464: IE cannot get width attribute of detached IMG element
  • #4978: jQuery.prop missing cellpadding?
  • #5413: tag “img” width/height attribute is zero (IE)
  • #6562: using .attr() to set the ‘target’ attribute, with a node that has ID of ‘target’
  • #6708: Opera has inconsistent result for usemap attribute value
  • #6823: Make .val(value) faster for common use case
  • #7472: $(‘form’).attr(‘id’) return DOM Element
  • #7485: Inconsistency between has [attribute] selector and attr() method
  • #7709: Permission denied to access property ‘nodeType’ from a non-chrome Firefox/3.5.15
  • #7996: Safari $(‘script’).attr(‘event’); Bug
  • #8117: .removeAttr don’t works with select element’s size attribute
  • #8150: removeAttr issue in webkit, firefox
  • #8255: support for list attribute
  • #8418: set name parameter using attr() method in IE 7
  • #8457: attrHooks
  • #8570: .val method returning “on” for dynamically created radio buttons in ie9
  • #8699: .attr() returns -1 on missing attribute instead of undefined
  • #8772: Using .attr() to set input type ‘range’ causes script error in IE9


  • #8854: Bug in minifier process


  • #2616: A better jQuery.map
  • #3116: .attr does not work with SVG IDLs
  • #4366: $.each fails in IE with document.styleSheets
  • #6690: Store references to location and navigator objects
  • #7049: making jQuery.noConflict() callable anytime
  • #7783: Fixing $.proxy to work like (and use) Function.prototype.bind
  • #7862: jQuery.globalEval(): Execution Delayed By Remote Scripts in Firefox
  • #7990: Script space quota exhausted error when creating a large HTML block with jQuery constructor in Firefox
  • #8882: Tests: Update QUnit usage, replace id=main with id=qunit-fixture
  • #8893: jQuery.proxy( context, name ) bug in 1.6b1


  • #6135: jQuery tries to access the .style attribute of text tags
  • #7345: Support relative values for $().css()
  • #7730: offset.js: setOffset uses parseInt to parse css values which may contain floating point numbers
  • #8401: minor enhancement to opacity cssHooks
  • #8402: jQuery.cssProps is useless in all browsers but IE6/7/8
  • #8403: jQuery Bulldozes Other IE Filters When Assigning Opacity


  • #7328: Should data-foo-bar be accessible via .data( ‘fooBar’ ) as well as .data( ‘foo-bar’ ) ?


  • #7917: .animate() when used with large groups of elements is not “in sync”
  • #7934: $.fn.animate to implement deferreds
  • #7974: Cleanup effects.js to improve performances and reduce filesize
  • #8099: SPAN element becomes block level on show()
  • #8101: use requestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval for animations, when available


  • #5884: live mouseenter/mouseleave events don’t fire as expected when nested
  • #6514: Mouseenter and mouseleave events not able to be triggered if bound by live
  • #6913: namespaced event bubbleing wrong
  • #6993: .bind() and .one() don’t allow a function as data
  • #7071: Accessing the ‘type’ property on VML elements fails on IE
  • #7883: .delegate (and .live) should accept false as the fn arg, like .bind
  • #8018: Unsafe access to frameElement causes error in crossdomain (i)frames
  • #8272: Exceptions in plain JS object event handlers swallowed by jQuery
  • #8712: Custom events don’t bubble up to window
  • #8732: Incorrect feature detect for IE9 focusin/focusout
  • #8753: jQuery 1.6: jQuery.Event contstructor to support setting properties
  • #8755: binding to beforeunload throws an error in IE6, 7, 8 on page unload
  • #8777: jQuery 1.6: undelegate() accepts custom namespaced events
  • #8788: Reorganize jQuery.event.trigger to use loop instead of recursion
  • #8790: Optimize non-attached events such as data events
  • #8803: jQuery.holdReady() method


  • #1954: val() returns innerHTML for button elements in IE
  • #6180: jQuery.clean should not touch script tags that are not of type text/javascript
  • #7623: Exception thrown in replaceWith
  • #7885: jQuery .offset doesn’t property works when current offset is float (which is possible in FireFox)
  • #8060: Setting checked to true on a disconnected checkbox does not carry over after attaching to DOM.
  • #8500: radios and checkboxes revert to default (HTML) state when wrapped in IE


  • #8203: Remove un-needed “someVar = null;”s
  • #8851: Wraps strings with double quotes in sources and tests


  • #7931: scrollTop and scrollLeft setters return null when called on empty jquery object


  • #3685: Selector fails for forms with an element named “name”
  • #4321: $(“#”) returns undefined
  • #8105: :focus selector filter


  • #2773: $.fn.is and $.fn.not should accept DOMelements and jQuery collections
  • #5712: Allow jQuery.fn.is to accept a function
  • #6912: $().add(selectElement) adds option children instead
  • #7369: $(‘<div>ff</div>’).closest(‘[attr]’); raises exception in all browsers
  • #8609: Result of .find(” “) is undefined

12 thoughts on “jQuery 1.6 RC 1 Released

  1. liuyuan on said:

    jquery update extremely fast, may I ask, from the 1.4.2 upgrade to 1.6 will be compatible?

  2. Shane Jordan on said:

    I thought jquery Templates (tmpl) was including with version 1.5 or maybe 1.6. Do you know when these are slated to be included?

  3. Shane Jordan on said:

    @Jeff Yeah, read that change in roadmap post after mine. Was hoping for one less file to include in my projects, but no biggie. Just good to know.

  4. I am currently reading through lots of stuff for the new release, but are jQuery templates going to be in this one? I know the plugins are there tmpl, just curious

  5. MAK on said:

    To Chaiti Rahman

    Kiser moddhe ki. Panta vate ghi.

    This is not a place of advertisement

  6. gordon on said:

    The list of changes seems to be mostly (all?) bug fixes. What new features will 1.6 have? Can’t seem to find that anywhere.

  7. Stun on said:

    Good! but i meet a new problem! Selecter input:checkbox’s attr not work! plz check

  8. Are there new features in 1.6? This seems to be a pure bug fix release so far, so why 1.6 and not 1.5.3?