jQuery Conference 2010: Boston – Update

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The jQuery Conference in Boston is fast approaching and we are officially sold out.  Thank you so much for your support it’s going to be a great event.  For those that are coming there is some venue information on the Events home page if you are still looking for a cheaper hotel or if your driving to the venue, there is some parking information you’ll need to be aware of.

We are still looking for last minute sponsors.  Last minute sponsors are our favorite sponsors!

Why sponsor?  The jQuery Conference is supported by our generous Sponsors and Donors, without whom things would be very different. The jQuery Conference is a great way to get your message out to 500+ highly qualified influential technology decision makers; if you or your company are interested, download our prospectus for more information. We are willing to talk with you about a package that would work for you.  Contact information can be found on the prospectus.

Training Class Seats Still Available
I did want to remind everyone about our training class we are holding before the conference. We still have openings for the training class and it is separate from the conference.

In San Francisco, the training class was ran by appendTo and it was a great success.  In Boston, the class will be run by Bocoup, a Boston JavaScript Company.  Here are some of the details about the class.

About the class
Over the course of this one day class the group will build an exciting web application using jQuery. This class will teach you what jQuery does and how to use it responsibly in your websites. Intended for web development beginners.

Let me introduce you to the trainers.

From left to right: Boaz Sender, Pete Karl, Rick Waldron and Ben Alman


  • What is jQuery?
  • What is the DOM?
  • jQuery and Selectors
  • jQuery and Methods
  • Get stuff do something: DOM traversal and manipulation
  • jQuery and Events
  • jQuery and AJAX
  • jQuery and Effects
  • Using plugins
  • jQuery UI and the widget factory
  • Debugging techniques with jQuery

Advanced classes
Bocoup does offer more advance classes around the same time as the conference.  Check out their site for more details. (18% of the proceeds go directly to the jQuery Foundation)

The jQuery Team would like to thank Bocoup for their donation of the one day training class and the proceeds for the other classes.

jQuery Conference 2010: Boston – Confirmed Speakers

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I’d like to announce the confirmed speakers for the jQuery Conference 2010: Boston.

Speaker name and their accepted talk title:

  • Chad Pytel –  Mobile Web Applications with jQuery
  • Mike Taylor –  Is these a bug?, or how to contribute to the jQuery project through  better bug reporting.
  • Garann Means –  Using templates to achieve awesomer architecture
  • Chris Bannon – Theming jQuery UI like an Aristocrat
  • Alex Sexton –  jQuery’s Best Friends
  • Dave Artz –  jQuery in the [AOL] Enterprise
  • Yehuda Katz – Moving to jQuery
  • Doug Neiner –  Contextual jQuery
  • Scott González – Building Extensible Widgets
  • Mike Hostetler – jQuery(‘#knowledge’).appendTo(‘#you’); [Introduction to jQuery]
  • Karl Swedberg – jQuery Effects: Beyond the Basics
  • Jonathan Sharp –  App in a Browser
  • Rey Bango & Ralph Whitbeck – Getting involved!
  • Paul Irish – Inaugural State of HTML5
  • John “unscriptable”  Hann & Brian Cavalier – OOCSS for JavaScript Pirates
  • Brian Moschel – A Crash Course in JavaScript Application  Testing with FuncUnit
  • Rebecca Murphey –  Beyond the DOM: Functionality-Focused Code Organization
  • Thomas Reynolds –  Organizing Code with JavascriptMVC 3
  • Boaz Sender –  Exploding the internet with jQuery and CouchDB
  • Ben Vinegar –  Building Distributed JavaScript Widgets with jQuery
  • Menno van Slooten – Rapid testing, rapid development –  Increase your development speed by reducing your feedback loops
  • Brian Crescimanno – jQueryUI and HTML5 Video Play Nice
  • Paul Elliott –  TDD Your jQuery Plugin
  • Elijah Manor – Introduction to jQuery UI

Update Just confirmed:

  • Matt Kelly – Super Awesome Interactions with jQuery

As always the keynotes for the conference will be given by:

  • Richard D. Worth – jQuery UI
  • John Resig – jQuery Core & jQuery Mobile

We’ll be updating the events site soon with speaker bios, talk abstracts and the schedule for Saturday, October 16th and Sunday, October 17th.  So look for that soon.

Again, you can register for the conference at http://events.jquery.org/2010/boston/register/

Don’t forget that we are also again offering a full day of training to jump start your jQuery skills at the Bocoup Loft.  You can register for the training class on the same page as the conference registration (just scroll down).

Hope to see you there!

The Official jQuery Podcast has a New Home

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Today, we’d like to announce that we’ve moved the Official jQuery Podcast off the jQuery blog and onto it’s own site at http://podcast.jquery.com.

We felt that with a weekly blog post for each episodes show notes the podcast was taking over the blog.  Some of the community members thought the same way.  We’ve been working on porting over the existing posts and making the new podcast site easier to use for our listeners.

Each episodes show-notes are now streamlined to give you a quick introduction about what the show is about followed by all the links that were mentioned in the show.  We also have the ability to play the show from the post with an embedded player as well as easy links to download and subscribe.

We also have a easy contact form that will allow you to contact the podcast directly.

We’ve cleaned up the jQuery blog and removed the old show notes and put in place URL redirects so old urls will still go to the right post on the new site. While we are talking about the blog, we’d like to know what would you like to see more of on the jQuery blog?  Currently we’ve been using the blog to post news about the project and upcoming events.  What else can we post to help you out?  We’d love to hear your ideas.

Special thanks goes out to Doug Neiner for helping out with design and coding, also, would like to thank Jonathan Sharp for setting up the site and getting the URL redirects in place.

Let us know what you think of the new podcast site and don’t forget to keep listening to the show.