Poll: Who are you and how do you use jQuery?

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Leave your answers in the comments.

  1. Name (anonymous if you must)
  2. Are you using jQuery corporately or for your personal use?
  3. Describe how you are using jQuery.
  4. Showcase! Link to any of your projects that use jQuery.

We would really like to get to know a lot of you better, not just the hardcore developers but the everyday users. So give us the scoop!

(Or, “let us know a little about you, and shamelessly plug your projects, too!”).

UPDATE: Thanks to all who have responded so far.

I have to say, I am astonished at how many of you are using jQuery for corporate sites. Many of you (or your companies) might consider donating to the jQuery project from the homepage. Of course, this is not required, but it does ensure jQuery stays strong by covering the costs of development and keeping the monthly server bill in check. :)

And to that I will add: bug reports, plugins, and other contributions to the community are equally valuable as donations. My point: Let’s remember to all give back in whatever ways we can.

All of your comments are invaluable, whether you’re a big-timer working on corporate sites or a small-timer building a webapp just for fun. Keep ’em coming!

65 thoughts on “Poll: Who are you and how do you use jQuery?

  1. 1. Rik (hello!)
    2. I’m using jQuery both in my professional work and for personal use
    3. I’m using jQuery to add a certain level of user interaction to my sites, making it easier for people to use my site – rather than using Javascript for Javascript’s sake. jQuery makes it easier, faster, and more fun, for me to code.
    4. I have written two large jQuery tutorials for the British webdev magazine, .net. I have some projects that will be released very soon featuring the library, plus have two jQuery plug-ins on the way.

  2. 1. Hello, I’m Phil
    2. I’m evaluating jQuery for use in my professional work.
    3. I want to use jQuery as a more coherent and lightweight alternative to Prototype or YUI, to add more advanced user interaction to the sites I develop. jQuery is fast and logical to implement.
    4. None online just yet, but a couple of sites in the process of being ported from Prototype/Scriptaculous.

  3. 1. Jan Van den Bergh
    2. Personal use (for now). Maybe later also for professional use.
    3. DOM manipulation and AJAX. E.g. create new page elements to load parts of a page dynamically.
    4. Sorry, but these are private projects that I cannot give links to.

  4. anonymous on said:

    Corporate use, developing a new web site (so nothing to see yet)

    I’m using it with the symfony PHP framework (www.symfony-project.com). I would hand-code with jquery than use symfony’s Prototype hooks. I’d plug my project, but now isn’t the time…

  5. 1. Ian Eure.
    2. Corporate.
    3. It’s replaced virtually every bit of JavaScript we used to have. in particular, we make great use of the effects and AJAX plugins.
    4. http://www.enotes.com/ – highlight any word, then press shift-d for a dictionary lookup, shift-t for thesaurus, or shift-s for a site search.

  6. 1. Paul Watson (Ireland)
    2. Both
    3. Full replacement for prototype in all our Ruby on Rails projects.
    4. Can’t just yet but next year check-out FeedHenry.com :)
    5. Why: jQuery has excellent documentation and I love the way it works, far more “getable” than other JS libraries. It works like I think.

  7. 1. Albert Garcia (Spain)
    2. Both
    3. DOM manipulation, animations & effects, AJAX. Progressive Jqueryze of actual javascript libraries in use.
    4.1 http://www.obolog.com ( AJAX EditInplace for image editing, drag&drop sorting of photos, dynamic contents )
    4.2 http://www.softonic.de ( intensively at program pages ) and more of our international Softonic sites nextly…

    Is the more intuitive JS library i’ve seen ever, and has one of the most active developers community behind. It’s… my preciousssss! :)

  8. 1. Steven A Bristol
    2. Both
    3. Using it for everthing I can in rails. I would like to do away with prototype & sctripto, so I use jq as much as possible. I’m having trouble with some plugins, like interface. It seems like a versioning issue and a compressed/uncompressed issue. It would be great if there were some docs on this. Also, some kind of sanctioning for plugins would be great.
    4. Too soon…

  9. 1. Dan
    2. Both, but mainly corporate. All in .NET.
    3. I have been slowly converting our custom code over to the tighter (packed) jQuery. Then I’ve been making games with it in my own free time (currently working on Solitaire for jQuery). Our previous stuff won’t work when packed, so using a packed jQuery + our own plugins is a huge space saving.
    4. I can’t as yet. Because my work is so extensive, it’s going to take a few months before any of my web-facing work goes live. Most of my current work is internal (converting traditional apps over to web-apps using ajax as a bridge for functionality and usability). My website has a few examples of jQuery using code, (dan-atkinson.com), but it’s a blog so mainly thickbox usage at the moment.

  10. 1. Pat
    2. Corporate and some personal projects
    3. PHP, Classic ASP, .Net and soon Java
    We’re using jQ for effects, AHAH and DOM manipulation. What made everybody in the team want to work with jQ (without a whipping ;) is that everything is natural.
    4. Nothing available as of now. I’ll post it to my blog when some new sites using jQ start appearing.

  11. Besides using jQuery on my personal site, I’m also using it for effects, AHAH, event binding, etc. on the sites listed below. We have up to four developers on some of these projects, and some other JS libraries mixed in, but we’re slowly moving toward using jQuery in their place also.

    Where time allows, I’m really enjoying using jQuery’s superior event binding and $(document).ready() feature to build AHAH functionality as a distinct layer on top of a fully-functional traditional request model, rather than muddling the two together. I’ve been experimenting with different modularization approaches on the server side to see if I can actually save time overall with this approach.

    I also have to deal with 3rd-party additions to our pages (ads, pop-up menus), and I’ve found jQuery to be extremely useful in debugging/fixing the occasional difficult problems that these additions bring up.


  12. 1. Francisco (Northern Virginia). I’ve been doing UI-only development for 3 years, focusing mostly on JS framework development.
    2. Corporate and personal
    3. I’d like to replace as much of our code as possible with jQuery. Its user base is so big that we all really benefit from having so many people test it and apply their knowledge to make it better. I really like its underlying paradigm (chaining! DOM-centric! standards!) which is why I chose to dig deeply into it. At the company I work for, we’re developing a prototype for.. um.. something “secret” :S. It’s not ground-breaking, there’s a couple of sites that provide this, but we’re integrating that functionality with our base product, which makes it more solid and makes sales people and clients drool (“ooo drag and drop! ooo highlights! fancy!”) :P.
    4. I can’t show anything publicly, but I’m pushing for officially allocating some of my dev time towards providing plugins. The problem is both convincing them to share our “private” code and also using some of my paid time to give back to the community.

  13. Name: Matt Oakes (HI!!!)
    Are you using jQuery corporately or for your personal use?: Well bot really but I mainly just practice me very basic javascript using it and create a few plugins.
    Describe how you are using jQuery: I create plugins :P
    Showcase! Link to any of your projects that use jQuery:

  14. 1. Nate
    2. Use it for my online ventures
    3. AJAX and Effects, with a little for function
    4. http://www.gamegum.com/

    I implement it on the comments, poll, rating, favorites, friends, in the control panel when removing items, and for thickbox.

  15. 1. Felix Neumann
    2. personal
    3. I use it in many web-projects I’m currently working on, especially in a german browser game (well, there is not much time to work on it). Mainly used for: DOM Manipulation, Effects, strict seperation HTML|CSS|Script, AJAX
    4. Though one of those projects is online, it is completely password protected. My new homepage (planned) will use jQuery too, I’ll post this here *g*

    (Btw… I’m recommending jQuery to other webdesigners. It’s just too great not to mention, really. Ingenious thing!)

  16. 1. Per Ploug Hansen
    2. Both
    3. we use it for all those little details that reall make a ui shine. And makes it more pleasant for the user. On a more technical plan I’m trying to build an extension for the content management system umbraco ( http://www.umbraco.org ) which will make it alot easier for umbraco developers to build jquery RIAs right ontop of it.
    4. Use it here and there on my blog, and have made a small sample on how to make it work with umbraco. ( http://www.objects.dk )

  17. Chris Domigan on said:

    1. Chris Domigan
    2. Corporately
    3. I am designing a ordering/job-tracking/bit-of-everything web application for a kitchen and joinery company. JQuery makes the Javascript side painless :)
    4. Nothing to see yet

  18. 1. Tom Zellman
    2. Personal use (as well as corporately).
    3. Putting JQuery to the test at http://www.feednut.com. Currently, using JQuery mainly for DOM/CSS manipulation, and its FX.
    4. Feednut: http://www.feednut.com — A 100% free feed reader, written with Python/Django, utilizing JQuery and MochiKit for Javascript functionalities. Try it out! I am trying to make the site better, so any feedback you have, let me know!

    Keep up the great work with JQuery!

  19. 1. Hi, i’m Renato
    2. I’m using jQuery in my professional work and also for personal use
    3. I’m using jQuery to add a certain level of user interaction to my sites. I think jQuery is the best Javascript Libary for some AJAX effects. Actually, jQuery make it easier, faster, and more fun, to use some web-applications.
    4. I’m using jQuery at some intranets, but also at a Promotion-Website for an event: http://www.groovenite.com/underwater. At the near future, i will redesign groovenite.com and use jQuery!

  20. 2. Are you using jQuery corporately or for your personal use?
    company wide now, im making it the standard! and personal

    3. Describe how you are using jQuery.
    Large ecommerce sites, so every thing really from full form validation, to some basic usability items, such as autofocus on forms sitewide, custom draggable widgets for debug output, w3c compliant popups etc..

    4. Showcase! Link to any of your projects that use jQuery.
    Most other sites are currently still in dev/staging/live-testing phases and will be rolled out in the next 6 months, it might be worth mentioning that these are very large sites so using libraries that are of commercial quality is of great importance.

  21. 1. Adrian Tanase
    2. Personal and corp from time to time (I keep fighting the prototype guys :))
    3. Swiss army knife for DOM querying and manipulation
    4. Nothing public, mostly internal stuff for the intranets.

  22. 1. Marcio Barrios
    2. I’m using jQuery both in my work (Putput Comunicacions, Barcelona, Spain) and for my personal projects
    3. DOM Manipulation, DOM traversing, Effects, Events, Ajax…
    I’m using JQuery to create a nice user experience and a high level of user interaction, so the site is easier to use. And for me is easier to develop, and fun!
    4. 2 big web applications for Fira de Barcelona(fairs and conferences organizer), and some personal projects and experiments.

    (Sorry for my English)

  23. 2. Professional and private.
    3. jQuery provides everything to organize my javascript in the MVC design pattern, full html/css/js separation and make most of usability and accessibility without overhead in time and code.
    4. We are launching soon: ormigo.com. And I’m working on a release of our dry/mvc framework in jQuery as a companion for MVC frameworks like RoR, CakePHP etc.

  24. 1. Stamen
    2. Using jQuery on the new version of aidpage.com
    Hope we’ll launch it soon. I still can’t find time to redesign my personal page. But it will use jQuery with sure.
    3. DOM manipulation, customizing user interface, AJAX etc.
    4. Soon ;)

  25. Guilherme Utrabo on said:

    1. Hello there! I’m Guilherme Utrabo (brazilian)
    2. Personal and Corp.
    3. AJAX, DOM manipulation and Effects
    4. These are private projects…
    I don’t have any public project to show yet.

  26. 1)
    Ronni Rasmussen
    Personal but soon corporately
    DOM Manipulation, DOM traversing, Effects, Events, Ajax…
    Ive been using prototype and aculo so far but started to look into jquery and can only say i like what i see.
    And will deffently try to use it for our next proffesional project.
    Until then iam gonna play around with it for the fun and expirience.
    So no showcase so far!!!

  27. 1. Chris Ovenden
    2. Personal and Corporate
    3. I’m a latecomer to the joys of javascript, and find jQuery a refreshing escape from all the tedious cross-browser issues. I started by using thickbox in a few places, and have now replaced the javascript of the site I work on with almost pure jQuery. I say “almost” because I find the load events, particularly .ready(), somewhat temperamental. As a CSS fetisist, I love the ability to use CSS selectors in jQ.
    4. http://www.carsite.co.uk

  28. 1. Name: Shaun Kester
    2. Use: Both!
    3. How: AHAH, Toggle() is a good friend of mine, Effects has made a good impression also.
    4. Showcase: Sorry, I’m developing an intranet app in the healthcare industry.

    jQuery just makes it all so easy. It has consolidated three different frameworks for me.

  29. 1. Simon Morton
    2. Corporate
    3. Being used extensively on a redesigned version of current site in development , particular dues to tabs,rounded corners, tooltip and thickbox plugins.
    4. will be appearing on http://www.potn.co.ukin around a month

  30. 1. Glen Hinkle
    2. Corporate & personal
    3. I’ve replaced everything prototype, begun to implement new features using it. I’ve started using plugins as well, but the base is so versatile, I can’t see myself using anything else. I thought prototype was clean, but jquery bypasses it by leaps & bounds, & leaves dojo in the dust.
    4. Business site is password protected, but my personal site is empireenterprises.com.

  31. 1. Edward
    2. Corporate (and probably personal soon)
    3. I’m working on a prototype ‘chat moderator’ page for the company’s Bingo services. As well as a chat room it shows details of Bingo draws. It uses a pre-existing XML API that our Flash client uses, and I’m using jquery for interpreting the XML as well as controlling the page.
    4. Sorry, none public yet.

  32. 1. Matt Stith
    2. Does a rugby team count as corporate?
    3. I’m using jQuery in a clients website, the entire thing is AJAX based (i was told not to worry about accessability…) The link below is the site, which is live, but not completed. The real beauty is the admin area, but of course you cant see that.. :(
    4. http://www.wilmslowrubgy.com/

  33. 1. Brian McAllister
    2. Corporately (but I’m ashamed to say the stingy so-and-so’s won’t clear 20 dollars to give as a donation – don’t worry, I’m working on it!)
    3. To enhance the webapp’s interaction (drag & drop within the file manager etc)
    4. No link unfortunately, it’s an Intranet (for a European news organisation).

  34. 1. Gian Carlo Mingati
    2. Both. I’m using jQuery both for personal use and for intranet/internet.
    3. I work for a large banking Group and i’m trying to enhace the interaction and the overall user experience of our web apps. I’m fighting because here they like to write themselves the code but hey… i said: “take a look at these examples and take a look at the few lines you need to make that accordion menu…..”
    4. http://www.gcmingati.net (this is a small page, few lines of marup) just to test jquery. I used it to reveal my email address (via jquery AXAH), and showcase some of my works via thickbox. This page changes often. Also i’ll use some nice interface fx on my blog (wich i’m in the process of developing a WP theme).

  35. 1. Paul Caton
    2. I work in academia (humanities computing)
    3. I’m interested in web-based text encoding environments, particularly in allowing users to associate multiple encodings with a single base text.
    4. I’ve only just started working my way through some jQuery tutorials, so I have nothing to show yet – but I hope to in a few months.

  36. 1. Marco
    2. For now I am using it in an intranet project
    3. I am developing a whole project for document workflow in cakephp and needed to write some javascript interface. Tried scriptacoulus first (default with cake) and finally discovered jQuery.
    4. I am in the stage to learn have nothing to show :)

  37. 1: Alton Crossley
    2: Personal and Professional
    3: I am using jQuery to build a phone interviewer tool for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. I use it to load and format dynamic menus and questions. This application is PHP but I also have used it in several data gathering apps in .NET 2.0.
    4: presently everything is private, but I will be publishing some screencasts soon.

  38. 1. Hercules Papatheodorou.
    2. Personal for now, for a hobby site that gets about 2k users daily.
    3. Lightbox and various little js functions like menus. Planning to use it on a larger scale project. But I need to get some thing sorted with the latest version first since some behaviours have changed…
    4. http://www.legendarypokemon.net

  39. 1. Georgi
    2. Both, personal and professional
    3. DOM, effects, animation,… a lil bit of everythin’ to create good and unforgettable user experience
    4. Real-estate management system, web hosting full featured control panel (incl. web based email, chat, calendar, database manager, file manager,…) and soon shopping system (currently in development)

  40. 1. Paul McLanahan
    2. I’m using it for everything I possibly can: both professionally (I’m a Sr. Web Developer in a department that produces websites for financial institutions) and personally.
    3. All of my old JS work feels dirty and old now that I’m in the jQuery world. I’m pushing my employer to adopt it as a standard base library on which to build all future JS functionality. I can now do in one (long) line what used to take up 30 or 40 lines of standard js.
    4. I’m attempting to develop a plugin which would be the ultimate navigation menuing system. My employer and I both have a need for a system which is very robust, configured in the DOM (not in js), and is capable of unlimited levels of hierarchy.

    I’ve also used it for various tools and internal helpful applications at work.

  41. 1. Clodelio Delfino
    2. corporate
    3. jquery was quite useful in both effects and display, primarily animation/fade/etc…, tablesorter plugin and interface, the best!
    4. opps, sorry but most projects are for private use. c”,)