Poll: Who are you and how do you use jQuery?

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Leave your answers in the comments.

  1. Name (anonymous if you must)
  2. Are you using jQuery corporately or for your personal use?
  3. Describe how you are using jQuery.
  4. Showcase! Link to any of your projects that use jQuery.

We would really like to get to know a lot of you better, not just the hardcore developers but the everyday users. So give us the scoop!

(Or, “let us know a little about you, and shamelessly plug your projects, too!”).

UPDATE: Thanks to all who have responded so far.

I have to say, I am astonished at how many of you are using jQuery for corporate sites. Many of you (or your companies) might consider donating to the jQuery project from the homepage. Of course, this is not required, but it does ensure jQuery stays strong by covering the costs of development and keeping the monthly server bill in check. :)

And to that I will add: bug reports, plugins, and other contributions to the community are equally valuable as donations. My point: Let’s remember to all give back in whatever ways we can.

All of your comments are invaluable, whether you’re a big-timer working on corporate sites or a small-timer building a webapp just for fun. Keep ’em coming!

62 thoughts on “Poll: Who are you and how do you use jQuery?

  1. Kevin Bosak on said:

    1. Kevin Bosak
    2. I’m currently using jQuery for a consulting project and just started using it for some administrative tools at my day job.
    3. I had never used a javascript framework and tended to stay away from doing any javascript. So, I ran across jQuery and said, “Hey, look how easy!”. I love the plugin capability and have been using the rounded corners, tabs, and the Interface plugins. jQuery has been a great re-entry point into javascript, and I’ve even started using JSON and javascript objects to make my projects more robust and maintainable.
    4. None public yet.

  2. 1. Matthew GLinski
    2. Could be considered corporate.
    3. Im using jQuery to rewrite all javascript in my File Hosting Script. I was looking arround for a decent framework and had a look at prototype and hated it. Then when i was lookinng for a decent picture preview script i stumbled on lightbox. From there i installed it in the script and found the script taking 3X longer to fully load, out that went. Then i found thickBox, and once i made it over to the jQuery website i was hooked. Im not new to javascript but im not a professional at it either. jQuery allowed me to write one of the smalest full site AJAX functions with decent transitions i have ever done(2kb). I love jQuery and plan on doing everything i can to support it.
    4. First addidions are in the latest version of the Script,
    -Im releasing with the final bugs fixed before 1.5.0 and a complete AJAX update for the download system. ( Yes, it is public)

    If you need a forum license i have a IPB license i would be glad to donate to you( i could host it if needed to take the stress off of your server). I think ill just send you an email.

  3. 1. John Wrana
    2. for my personal website
    3. for the moment I’m using the effects to bring more life in my site and I’m still fiddling to replace the Prototype AJAX-functions with the jQuery ones.
    4. http://jowra.com/photos/
    at the moment my online site ist still using moo and prototype, but the converted jQuery version is nearly ready. Just the AJAX.Updater-Problem… I think I’ll open a discussion entry for that, cause I can’t get it working…

  4. 1. Joon Park
    2. Personal use.
    3. I’m using it to enhance the interface. To keep superfluous information out of the way but still available when necessary and to make things as uncluttered as possible. I might even use it to overcome IE’s rendering quirks if it’s possible. Going to look into it but I haven’t tested it as of yet.
    4. http://beta.dvessel.com/ – It’s using thickbox also. The site will break in IE6. I have a hard time coding but jQuery makes it possible for me to understand and implement ideas. Thanks!

  5. 1. Marc Jansen
    2. I’m using it for both purposes
    3. Personally I mainly use the wonderfull addons, and on work I’m trying to push my collegues to write there JavaScript based on jquery, just as I’m trying to do it
    4. http://www.rsv-arloff-kirspenich.de/pic_gallery/ (Just an odd demo of the thickbox-thing)… the work stuff is mainly internal, but check out mapbender.org… no jquery up till now, but who knows.


  6. 1. Jose Erlino Lontok
    2. Personal
    3. I’m still in the process of learning jquery but i’m really having *FUN* using it.
    4. Myhedspace.com – uses thickbox for the previews of my open source web design and little of bit of effect from interface. Still not that perfect, but it WORKS :)

  7. 1. Alex Vidal
    2. Both
    3. Anything and everything that a bit of JS can make easier/better. I used it to build the client-side AJAX framework for a shopping cart, as well as various little effects to notify the user of changes (little flashings or fades when items are added, etc). I’m also using it to build ‘The Game of Life’ in a JS form for personal exercise.
    4. The only thing live now is a pre-beta version of XLForms.js. It’s my attempt at implementing functionality for Microsoft Excel-like formulas into standard HTML elements. The old version can be found at http://alex.vidal.googlepages.com/xlforms.html

  8. Myles Angell on said:

    1. Myles Angell
    2. Both
    3. I’ve been utilizing jQuery to address the pain of advanced selectors, over coming IE bugs (:hover for one), and ajax queries. I’ve also done an extensive amount of work with the form plugin to create an improved form validation for my uses.
    4. Nothing to showcase just yet, some minor projects.

  9. 1. Inspire Zhao
    2. Both
    3. Using Jquery for improving client part experence.
    4. haha, just beginnig using jquery. That’s great!