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the Internet and programming currently make up about 75% of my waking moments, and I enjoy every bit of it. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Physics but because nobody wants a noobie in physics (non-masters/PHD) I was out of luck and had to turn my career to the internet. It worked out well since I spent all of my freetime (and some time I should have been studying) in college learning the ropes. I spent a stint working as tech producer at the_groop, a downtown LA design firm. I was able to move from there to my own startup, www.kevo.com, which is currently under development. Now, I work from home and its nice. I'm always looking to connect with brilliant individuals for both friends and business. On the personal side I drink too many rockstars (any energy drink) and I ride my bike way too fast (I got a new r6, love it).

Friends of Firefox – Mozilla utilizes jQuery.

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Mozilla just released http://www.worldfirefoxday.com/, a site to thank everyone who contributed in world firefox day 2006. The site allows users to search for friends names and they are displayed in an interesting fashion.

The script is a combination of the Rotator script and some slick AutoComplete which powers the search.

Start typing a name slowly to see the results being filtered and loaded into the rotator in real time. Then, if the results number more than 20, you are able to “page” through them. The script supports a “previous” button, but it has been hidden.


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