jQuery Nightly Builds

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After much wailing and gnashing of teeth by certain members of the discussion mailing list (read: me), we now have automated nightly builds of jQuery ready for mass consumption. These builds came about at the request of we community members who would like to experiment with the most recent features of jQuery on our projects, but who, for whatever reason, find ourselves behind firewalls that restrict our access to the subversion repository.

Without further ado, here are the gory details: You can get your bleeding-edge-jQuery fix at http://jquery.com/src/nightlies/. This folder will simply show you a list of available files. There are 4 files in there in which most of you will be most interested…

  1. jquery-nightly.js – Pretty self-explainatory. It’s the uncompressed jQuery. Mmmm… fresh from the repository
  2. jquery-nightly.pack.js – As the more perceptive of you have already guessed, it’s the packed version of #1
  3. jquery-nightly.release.zip – This contains the docs, test suite, and all of the pre-built versions of jQuery
  4. jquery-nightly.build.zip – Is the real win for we poor souls behind the fiery-walls of the corporate world. It contains the full jquery path from the repo, and is everything you need to build your very own jQuery

The nightlies folder will also fill up with dated versions of all 4 of these files so that you can go find jQuery at whatever vintage you prefer.

New versions of the nightlies will be added every day at 2am EST (7am GMT), and will consist of the most recent revision from the subversion repository at that time.

If all of this talk of subversion, repositories, bleeding-edge, and nightly building makes the stability craving web deveoper inside you run away screaming, fear not. The stable release download you need is still right here waiting for you.

Thanks go to John Resig for hooking us up with the server-side magic that got this automated build process running (not to mention for the server, the bandwidth, and for jQuery in general :) ).