jQuery 1.8.2 Released

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We’re pleased to announce that jQuery 1.8.2 is available! This version fixes several bugs and performance regressions reported from the past couple of releases, and we think the 1.8 line is pretty solid at this point. The only way to know for sure that it works with your code is to test it–so please do!

As always, we have put out the jQuery-shaped signal lights; the master control centers at the Google and Microsoft CDNs are on high alert and will soon post these files. For immediate relief, please use the copies above. If you find a problem, please post a bug report and be sure to include a test case from jsfiddle.net or jsbin.com.

The complete change log for jQuery 1.8.2 is below. If this is your first upgrade to the 1.8 line, be sure to read the blog entries for 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 to see what’s changed.

Many thanks to the patch contributors for this version; ye shall know them by their GitHub handles: timmywil, gibson042, rwldrn, joyvuu-dave, jaubourg, staabm, and sindresorhus. In addition, we thank all the community members who took the time to contribute quality bug reports with test cases. Your initial groundwork makes it possible for us to find and fix bugs.

jQuery 1.8.2 Change Log


  • #12521: Deferred.promise( target) only works fine when typeof( target)=='object'


  • #12423: jQuery breaks with Comcast Protection Guard and any anti-keylogging protection software on IE7+
  • #12436: Performance degradation with delegate events and pseudo-classes


  • #12229: Some inconsistencies/optimizations


  • #12534: .offset() throws an error on BlackBerry5 and iOS3
  • #12536: Make .offset() calc less wrong on browsers w/o getBoundingClientRect


  • #12303: Attribute selector fails if the attribute value contains :first :last
  • #12337: :nth-child selector not accurate after new child element added
  • #12361: seleter has bug
  • #12448: :contains() edge case throwing an error
  • #12492: In textarea focus event handler, $(this).is(':focus') == false in Chrome & Safari
  • #12523: JQuery renders line breaks as text nodes
  • #12526: :last selector fails to find a match
  • #12541: 1.8.0 and 1.8.1: Double :not() selector fails in IE6/7
  • #12572: :contains breaks searching iframes v1.8


  • #12474: Using find on a collection with append does not return the correct elements

17 thoughts on “jQuery 1.8.2 Released

  1. Oh, I see that the announcement mentions they are on “high alert” (I noticed this a couple hours ago, and only just now heard about this announcement page, and thought I’d leave a comment); in my case I didn’t even know 1.8.2 was new: I just needed the current release of jQuery, and was confused when the links weren’t working. Sorry about the previous post.

  2. It seems jQuery.buildFragment has regression issue, lines below had been removed in 1.8.2:

    // Ensure that an attr object doesn’t incorrectly stand in as a document object
    5930 // Chrome and Firefox seem to allow this to occur and will throw exception
    5931 // Fixes #8950
    5932 if ( typeof context.createDocumentFragment === “undefined” ) {
    5933 context = document;
    5934 }

    It caused context sometimes becomes “window” object and has no “createDocumentFragment” method!! Please confirm!

  3. cmcnulty on said:

    @Wayne Ye, even though those lines have been removed, the test case that was filed with the original issue still passes in 1.8.2


    So it looks like you’re ok. Without digging into the code, I don’t know why removing those lines don’t cause a regression, but apparently it was fixed in some other section.

  4. glitch on said:

    I just attempted to update from 1.7.2 to 1.8.2 and it breaks my app.

    The app is coded using an iframe inside a table cell. The iframe resizes to fit the window, on document.ready and on window.resize. It appears that 1.8.2 does not allow the table cell to resize with the iframe.

    I believe this is something that can be resolved fairly simply, but I wanted to bring this up. I’d appreciate some feedback – either that this is a legitimate concern or that my javascript is just lazy and I need to specifically handle all of the individual elements resizing manually.

  5. Shay Vajda on said:


    I just found an inconsistency between 1.8.1 and the new 1.8.2:
    on 1.8.1 the result is 3
    on 1.8.2 the result is 0



  6. Jquery not working in my aspx page, while its working before some days… plz give me solution, it give no error and no exception