Just Added: Training at SF jQuery Conference!

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In response to the flood of requests and emails, and our original promise to work on this, we’ve got an announcement: we’ve added a single day Beginner/Intermediate training right before the San Francisco jQuery Conference :)

Tickets are on sale now (left side, below the fold). The training will be provided by our friends at Bocoup, and hosted by the ever-generous folks at Microsoft. Here’s a snippet of what Trainers Ben Alman and Rebecca Murphey will be covering:

At Bocoup’s intermediate one-day jQuery training, you’ll work with jQuery veterans to build a foundation that will make you a stronger developer and get you prepared for all the great talks that you’ll see over the next two days. You’ll even learn the basics of creating your own jQuery plugin. Topics that will be covered include:

  • The jQuery() function
  • Selecting & Traversing
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Making stuff happen with Events
  • AJAX
  • Enhancing with Effects
  • Extending jQuery with Plugins
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Mobile

To note: the training and conference are both in San Francisco, but take place in different locations. The training is in the heart of San Fran on Market Street, and the conference is about five to ten minutes from there, on the UCSF Mission Bay campus. Please also note that the conference and training require separate admission tickets, so make sure you’ve purchased both if you’d like to attend both.

We’re still working on the possibility of adding an Advanced training, but thus far have had mostly requests for beginner materials. So here that is :)

Hope you’ve all bought your tickets to the conference; can’t wait to see you there!

13 thoughts on “Just Added: Training at SF jQuery Conference!

  1. Hi Terry —

    Unfortunately, we’re currently only set up for the in-person training class. If you *attend* that training, it’s possible the instructors have take-aways for after. Hope you can make it!

  2. Are there any plans to bring the conference to AUSTRALIA ?

    I did a presentation at the Australian SharePoint Conference, about jQuery + SharePoint – and would be good to see/hear a dedicated conference about jQuery…

  3. Leah Silber on said:


    The list of speakers was posted last week, just in case you missed it :)

  4. Hey, how are you going to talk about jQuery PLUGINS when your plugin site is still down. I mean come on its been over 6 MONTHS now and there has been no news or updates regarding the matter, and on top of that the archive site does not even work anymore. Seriously guys you need to get your act together your acting like a bunch of amateurs.

  5. @Super:

    Alas, this post wasn’t about plugins, so it’s probably not the most effective place for feedback. I’d recommend reaching out to someone on the plugin team via email if you’ve got specific useful feedback. If you’re just angry and wanting to express it… consider yourself expressed :)

  6. Leah Silber on said:

    @Anil —

    Not just yet. Best bet is to keep an eye here, on Twitter, or on the Events page. We’ll likely post links everywhere once they’re ready.

    To clarify, the conference is being recorded, but not the training.