jQuery 1.7.2 Released

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jQuery 1.7.2 is looking good! The release candidate went smoothly so we’ve made only one small change and are releasing it to your eager hands today. You can get the oven-fresh code from the jQuery CDN now, with Google and Microsoft CDNs soon to follow:

Note: If you’re using jQuery Mobile, please use jQuery 1.7.2 only with jQuery Mobile 1.1. For previous versions of jQuery Mobile, stay with jQuery core 1.7.1 or earlier.

You can use the bug tracker to report bugs; be sure to create a test case on jsFiddle so we can figure it out easily. If you’re not sure it’s a bug, ask on our forum or on StackOverflow. Please don’t use the blog comments below to report bugs.

As always, this release wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of many people. First, the jQuery Core Team: gnarf, jaubourg, mikesherov, rwldrn, and timmywil. The support of the jQuery UI, Mobile, and Infrastructure teams was greatly appreciated as well, especially danheberden’s valiant struggle against Trac.

Community members like adebree, caii, cmc3cn, KYSergey, mathiasbynens, miskith, MrMamen, Orkel, pasky, SineSwiper, tavelli, and vlazar pitched in by reporting, verifying, and fixing bugs. Special jQuery Gold Leaf Cluster thanks to gibson042 and sindresorhus for their work in making 1.7.2 a great release. Don’t let these people have all the fun! If you’d like to contribute to the web’s most popular Javascript library, hop onto #jquery-dev on IRC or the Developing jQuery Core section on our forum and say hello!

Many thanks to Louis-Rémi Babé, who submitted a patch to fix a regression with negative margin animations a mere 30 minutes before the release!

jQuery 1.7.2 Change Log

Here’s the change log of the 1.7.2 release.


  • #4624: Charset in default ajaxSettings.contentType
  • #10978: jQuery.param() should allow non-native constructed objects as property values
  • #11264: evalScript() uses defaults set by ajaxSetup()
  • #11426: jQuery.ajax() always fails when requesting JPG images in IE


  • #5571: Allow chaining when passing undefined to any setter in jQuery
  • #10828: attr(“coords”) returns undefined in IE7
  • #10870: Incorrect behaviour of $.removeAttr(“selected”)
  • #11316: Consider looking through valHooks by element type first, then by nodeName instead of the other way around


  • #10692: Configure the jshint options to more accurately match the style guide
  • #10693: generalize the “test something in an iframe” code in unit tests
  • #10901: have unit tests fail if the tester is running from file:// or doesn’t have PHP
  • #10902: ability to test a built version of jQuery in unit tests
  • #10931: Unit tests shouldn’t require internet access


  • #10466: jQuery.param() mistakes wrapped primitives for deep objects


  • #10639: outerWidth(true) and css(‘margin’) returning % instead of px in Webkit
  • #10754: have jQuery.swap return the return of the callback instead of just executing it
  • #10782: Incorrect calculating width
  • #10796: Bug in IE7 with $(‘#el’).css.(‘background-position’)
  • #10858: css.js regular expressions are incomplete
  • #11119: The curCSS function only need 2 arguments


  • #11309: hexadecimal-formatted data-* attributes parsed incorrectly


  • #11306: calling .disable() or .lock() on a $.Callbacks object breaks its fired() status


  • #3838: $(document).height() incorrect in IE6


  • #8498: Animate Hooks
  • #10006: method show is not working as expected in all browsers when called for document fragment
  • #10848: Animation toggling loses state tracking in certain atomic edge cases
  • #11415: Silently ignore negative CSS values where they are illegal
  • #11469: Negative margin in animations (.animate)


  • #8165: .live(‘click’, handler) fires on disabled buttons with child elements in Chrome
  • #10819: Eliminate “this.on.call(this, “
  • #10878: $(“select”).live(“change”, function(){ …broken in IE8 in jQuery 1.7
  • #10961: Error in XRegExp using jQuery 1.7.1 in IE6-9
  • #10970: The .on() selector parameter doesn’t work with :not(:first) selector
  • #10984: Cannot off() custom events ($.event.special)
  • #11021: Hover hack mangles a namespace named “hover”
  • #11076: .clone(true) loses delegation filters
  • #11130: jQuery.fn.on: binding map with null selector ignores data
  • #11145: $(document).on() not working with name=”disabled”


  • #9427: Passing undefined to .text() does not trigger setter
  • #10753: inline the evalScript function in manipulation.js as it’s only used once
  • #10864: text() method on a document fragment always returns the empty string
  • #11055: Update HTML5 Shim elements list to support latest html5shiv
  • #11217: Append problem with webkit
  • #11291: Cloning XMLDoc’s with HTML5 nodeName’s breaks on IE
  • #11323: script tags with type=”text/ecmascript” leak into the DOM
  • #11356: safeFragment memory leak


  • #10952: .fired() doesn’t work on Callbacks object when it is flagged with “once”
  • #11257: Wrong path to source files in test suite if PHP missing


  • #10967: .promise() does not attach methods onto target


  • #7986: Bug in $.support.boxModel if page has DIV-element CSS
  • #11048: Support Tests affect layout for positioned elements in IE6-9
  • #11337: Bug in $.support.reliableMarginRight


  • #11370: $(‘<div>’).siblings() throws exception

37 thoughts on “jQuery 1.7.2 Released

  1. Jason on said:

    Any news on jQuery UI updates? Last stable version still has some problems with touchscreen devices, but I’ve seen devel releases that have things like draggables working. They haven’t updated news on the main UI site in a long time, so I thought I could ask here if the same people are doing both. The bug tracker also seems to be down at the moment.

  2. Sander on said:

    In 1.7.2, var id = $(this).attr(“id”).split(“_”)[0]; will get an error in Firefox and Chrome, but works in IE. Same code works fine in 1.7.1.

  3. Eli Sand on said:

    You may want to update the year in your copyright notices – they’re still dated as 2011.

  4. Great work! Thanks a lot guys!!! I love jQuery!

    I’m really impressed you still keep up the work for IE6, which is banned or simply ignored on most modern websites. I remember spending day after day optimizing websites for IE6. Code got blown up and time wasted. Wouldn’t it actually make sense to quit fixing and working on IE6 for jQuery?


  5. Thank you, everyone. We all appreciate the work you put into this, and another release is always a good time. Congratulations on a great product that’s made programming easier for everyone.

  6. When can we expect to see the updated NuGet package? I’ve checked the history and it appears that there is no consistency to when jQuery is published to NuGet.

    I would like to make a couple of requests:
    1. Create a process to ensure the NuGet package gets updated as soon as possible after each new release.
    2. Publish betas and release candidates on NuGet (using the -Pre parameter to install the latest pre release). This will help devs to more easily obtain pre release versions of jQuery.

  7. We are using CRM 2011 on Windows. An asynchronous AJAX JQuery call is made using datatype JSON to get data from the server. Under XP and IE8 there is no issue. Under Windows 7 and IE9 there are problems. I believe json2.js and jQuery 1.64 are being used. Was this a known issue with these versions?

  8. Robert Wildling on said:

    Concerning the “do not post bugs here in the comments”: I actually think that errors observed with the new release SHOULD be posted here. The resulting “overview” is much for us to decide whether the update could possibly break an already running solution. (Of course, the bug report page has still to be fed with infos…). Therefore thanks to everyone who takes the time to post their experiences here! – Just my 2 cent…

  9. Loque on said:

    @Robert Wildling

    Commenting !== (Discussion || bugtracking). If you honestly want to hear about issues then keep all bugs listed in the bug tracker where they can be tracked, including the discussion around them. If you need help with a particular bug, or something is causing you problems the chances are you will get better assistance on the forums or in the bugtracker. There is no better place for you to go when looking at implementing the new version than the bugtracking section.

    Randomly reporting bugs here will mean you miss out on discussion around them, especially (as I would guess), many “bugs” that are reported, are not actually bugs.

  10. Loque on said:

    Saying all that, the bugtracker is infuriatingly slow/buggy itself, I hope it gets a buff sometime!

  11. I was following jquery from 1.5, in my websites. recently I havejust updated with 1.7.2 in my development thinking that I can use latest features to make site work better, the site started breaking.

    After analysing I found that the “attr” function is the problem center.
    if I switch back to 1.7.1 jquery the code
    $(this).attr(“for”) => will give me “divMain”
    and if I switch to 1.7.2 the same code is giving as [object].

    I have downloaded the development version of both 1.7.1 & 1.7.2 and found that the problem is in jquery 1.7.2.js line number 2227 “return jQuery.access( this, jQuery.attr, name, value, arguments.length > 1 );”. I found out that for a code “$(this).attr(‘for’)” the arguments.length = 3, again I looks at arguments.length regardless of whether the last argument was undefined, so if you make a function that passes all of it’s arguments to .attr, it would fail.

    May be when some other js code override attr function, it may be always send arguments more the one, then code’s behind: return jQuery.access( this, jQuery.attr, name, value, arguments.length > 1 ); will go not correctly, it deal as chainable. the other auguments will be undefined. it has no problem in jquery version 1.6.2. i don’t know if it should let other changing their code or change the jquery core.

    So what am saying is that “with out any change in code of file in my project, if I Switch the the new verion of jquery (1.7.2). the site breaks. So their are some very minner problems.

  12. Confused on said:

    So why are people reporting bugs in comments if it clearly states in the blog not to? It even said “please”.

  13. Ashutosh on said:

    I am using jQuery JavaScript Library v1.4.4. If I will upgrade to latest version 1.7.2, will it impact to my website.

  14. I had some issues with the current version 1.8.2 – some older codes did not work the way they should. Guess I should have a look at the links Ashwin posted some posts before. Some people told me that this (1.7.2) is the most stable version. But maybe they also do not know the important changes to the newest version…

  15. Thanks for the quick updates jQuery team. It has been only about 6 months since this 1.7.2 update and your team has done an amazing job to release the 1.8.2 version within such a short period. But it often creates a problem where the updates are too fast to keep up with the pace. So, is there a page with all the historical changelog in jQuery versions so that we can track them better at one place.

  16. I have a problem too with the bugs and the bug tracker isn’t working for me.We should be able to post in our comments this issue so you could help us.