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jQuery Summit 2011

It’s that time of the year again (no, not Christmas!, something almost better!) – the annual (online) jQuery Summit. This year Environment For Humans (E4H) have a terrific line-up including sessions on jQuery plugin authoring best practices, creating interactive experiences with HTML5 and Popcorn.js and best practices for testing your jQuery code amongst others.

With some of the web’s most experienced jQuery and JavaScript professionals on board to share tips, tricks and their own experiences, you’ll be sure to learn something new that could help with your own projects. If you haven’t attended the summit before, you’re in for a real treat.

The summit is a completely online two-track conference run across two days with a track dedicated to designers and another focused completely on developers. As the event is all online, you can access it live whether you’re at home or in the office. For those worried about missing anything, E4H have you covered; all tickets include high-quality recordings that can be played back at your leisure later on.


If you’re interested in attending, E4H have provided us with a very special 20% off discount code which can be redeemed on their event site. Just enter in 20JQUERY when purchasing your ticket or use the following link: http://jquerysummit2011.eventbrite.com/?discount=20JQUERY.



  • jQuery & CSS Selectors – Estelle Weyl
  • jQuery & HTML5 Video – Rick Waldron
  • jQuery UI – Andrew Wirick
  • Plugin Authoring Best Practices – Ben Alman
  • jQuery & Browser Plugins – Sarah Chipps
  • Progressive Enhancement – Nicholas Zakas
  • jQuery & Responsive Web Design – Dave Rupert
  • The State of jQuery – Adam Sontag
  • Large-scale Application Architecture – Addy Osmani
  • jQuery & iframe Programming – Ben Vinegar
  • Structuring Your DOM-based Application – Garann Means
  • Deferreds into jQuery – Dan Heberden
  • jQuery Development Workflow – Anton Kovalyov
  • jQuery & Backbone.js – Matt Kelly
  • jQuery & QUnit – Ben Alman

Tickets: http://jquerysummit.com.


Designer track: Tuesday, November 15th

Developer track: Wednesday, November 16th


jQuery Training At Bocoup

For those that prefer in-person training, group training is one of the best ways to improve your jQuery skills. Luckily, Boston-based Bocoup has a number of such comprehensive jQuery trainings scheduled for both January and March 2012.

Sessions will be held at The Bocoup Loft in Boston, and 10% of profits will go directly to the jQuery Foundation. If interested, be sure to sign up now since class sizes are limited!.

For more information, checkout http://training.bocoup.com/comprehensive-jquery/


Frontend Workshops in HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more general frontend skills, Marc Grabanski is hosting a Frontend Masters Workshop Series for developers looking to earn a mastery in the arts of frontend development.

The training is composed of six workshops that will focus on frontend topics including jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML5 & CSS3, Titanium Mobile and building large JavaScript applications with speakers including jQuery team members Karl Swedberg and Scott Gonzalez.

For tickets and more information, see http://frontendmasters.com.

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  1. This is an absolutely epic lineup. I would purchase the full set for multiple employees in a second, except I’m expected to fly them fo MN every Friday for three months??? Next time when it’s all in a single week or two I’ll definitely buy.