jQuery 1.7 RC2 Released

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Today, after a very scary Halloween, the jQuery team is releasing jQuery 1.7 RC2 from our Github crypt, er, repo. Barring a report of really terrifying problems or a mob of townspeople at our door with torches, this code will be exactly the same code that becomes the version 1.7 final. If anyone knows of any reason why this code should not become a final release, we need to hear you scream!


In RC2, we fixed a tricky problem that sometimes caused Internet Explorer 8 to go full-zombie when jQuery was loaded. Appropriately enough, the crash was related to creating a detached <body> element that we were using to perform feature detection. IE8 seems frightened to a crashy death when it sees a detached body. If you still see any problems with IE8 crashes, please let us know.

Thanks to a bug report from @warrenparsons, we also fixed a frightful regression with the .show() method. We really appreciate the efforts from those of you who are testing these pre-release versions. Sure, it’s a lot easier to think, “I’ll try it when it’s finally released,” but then any problems you do find will be preventing you — and possibly hundreds or thousands of others — from upgrading. Now that is really scary, at least to us.

During the next day or so we’ll be conjuring up documentation for many of the 1.7 additions and improvements on api.jquery.com. Please bear with us for a few days while we clean up the pages and make sure that it is filled in and all linked properly. For a quick overview of what’s changed, see the 1.7 category.

jQuery 1.7 RC 2 Change Log

The current change log of the 1.7 RC2 release.


  • #9399: Deprecate jqXHR.success and jqXHR.error


  • #5479: removeAttr: remove multiple attributes
  • #6743: map enctype to encoding, depending on browser
  • #10176: Injected script tag is evaluated twice
  • #10278: checkboxEl.attr(‘checked’) returns stale value after checkboxEl.click()
  • #10429: IE7 – invalid procedure call or argument when calling removeAttr(‘contenteditable’);
  • #10514: removeAttr does not remove the class attribute in IE6/7


  • #6485: Solution for HTML5 in IE
  • #7102: Register jQuery as a CommonjS async module
  • #9453: $.inArray does not support fromIndex
  • #10478: Switch jQuery.isNaN to jQuery.isNumeric


  • #10267: IE8 and window is(‘:visible’) crashes


  • #7323: Allow removing multiple data keys at once with $.fn.removeData
  • #8909: $(element).data() will scan all attributes more than needed.
  • #8921: jQuery private data should stay private


  • #8856: Request: deferred.isUnresolved()
  • #9033: try{ } finally{ } error in IE8
  • #9398: Proposal for Improved Deferreds


  • #9434: .outerWidth()/.outerHeight()/.innerWidth()/.innerHeight() should work on window and document


  • #5684: Effects: exception in animation callback causes endless loop
  • #6150: .stop sometimes doesn’t clear .delay
  • #6641: Calling stop() within animation finished callback causes other animations to freeze
  • #8685: Animations should keep track of animation state in order to properly address stacked animations
  • #9280: Allow multiple effect queues for animate()
  • #9548: animate does not work with fill-opacity css property for svg elements
  • #10445: Setting queue to true causes an error
  • #10497: .stop should allow choosing which queue to stop
  • #10622: .show() does not properly restore CSS-set “display” value


  • #3368: event.metaKey should be assigned to event.ctrlKey on Non-Mac only
  • #6170: jQuery(window).scroll(); causes IE* to scroll to 0,0
  • #6319: Regression: stopPropagation inside change handlers in IE is incorrectly applied to keydown event
  • #6386: support data argument for live events via “event.special.live.add”
  • #6593: IE8: DOM 0 event handler called twice when a separate handler is attached via jQuery
  • #6667: submit event doesn’t delegate in IE* under certain conditions
  • #6903: special events need a way to determine whether they are being bound with .bind vs .live/.delegate
  • #6942: JQuery.event.fix causes unnecessary reflows in IE when handling key events
  • #7139: “hover” event alias should work for .bind as well as .live
  • #7161: Submit event on a form element not unbound properly in IE
  • #7444: Submitting form with “Enter” instead of button click on ie8 or ie7 triggers live submit event twice.
  • #8157: Focusing an already focused text field will prevent the change event from firing in IE
  • #8728: Event ‘mouseenter’ not firing when the element being left is removed on leaving
  • #8789: Meta: Event Property Hooks
  • #8858: Special events – _default method doesn’t have access to the `data` argument of the trigger method
  • #8866: IE8 input[type=file] delegated change event files only on blur
  • #8982: bind(“unload someOther”) => on unload, handler is not executed only once.
  • #9069: when hover over a child of an element, mouseleave fires when using live or delegate
  • #9279: delegate() bind does not handle mouseover/mouseout and mouseenter/mouseout correctly for selected elements
  • #9393: Unify and DRY out event system
  • #9593: Delegated submit event is not instanceof jQuery.Event in IE
  • #9724: Infinite loop in trigger function when window.parentNode is a DOM element
  • #9901: event.handleObj.namespace incorrect when using .delegate
  • #9933: jQuery.fn.toggle() should store state in private data object
  • #9951: Wrong order in .trigger() when DOM is modified in a handler
  • #10375: Do not include `type` in jQuery.event.props
  • #10438: Rename jQuery.event.propHooks => .fixHooks
  • #10468: Remove deprecated jQuery.event.guid and jQuery.event.proxy
  • #10489: Disconnected elements bubble to window on .trigger()
  • #10531: Consider removing layerX and layerY from $.event.props
  • #10563: jQuery.Event no longer contains the element that matched the selector in event delegation.
  • #10567: Delegated events incorrectly match class names
  • #10575: Breaking changes in live event propagation between 1.6.4 and 1.7rc1
  • #10576: jQuery1.7rc1 and jQueryMobile1.0rc2 – IE gets error in jqm triggerCustomEvent method


  • #6782: carefully allow more strings to use innerHTML
  • #7037: Duplicate mouseover and mouseout events added to cloned element.
  • #10501: HTML5 element “innerShiv” inconsistent across html()/append()


  • #10420: MouseWheel
  • #10553: Further reduction of minimal license header


  • #3144: Inconsistent cross-browser results from .text() method
  • #5637: Boolean (and Empty) Attribute Selectors Fail
  • #6863: faster getText
  • #7128: attribute selector is inconsistent between qSA and Sizzle due to use of DOM properties
  • #8539: Sizzle cache collision in browsers without querySelectorAll
  • #9261: Has Attribute not working in filter/children/siblings
  • #9570: Selector $(‘form[name=”..”]’) returns zero elements in IE8 under some conditions
  • #10178: $(window).is(“a”) >> Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined
  • #10315: Sizzle ignores seed argument when using positional selectors
  • #10562: siblings method returns unexpected elements when using Sizzle-invoking pseudo-selectors


  • #5145: jQuery.support.opacity = false in the Chrome browser
  • #6809: Add jQuery.support.fixedPosition
  • #10558: Test Support bug
  • #10613: IE8 doesn’t like a detached body in its head


  • #10449: Function $(“#id”).closest(“.class”) returns element $(“#id”) itself if it has .class

9 thoughts on “jQuery 1.7 RC2 Released

  1. Peter Dubrovski on said:

    What’s in Line 1621:
    container.style.cssText = vb + “width:0;height:0;position:static;top:0;marginTop:” + conMarginTop + “px”;

    What is marginTop?
    Firefox throws a warning.
    Should it be margin-top?

  2. Michael on said:

    Do you guys have a series of tests written that you run on different browsers before each release?

  3. @John, please report issues like that to Highcharts with a test case and we can resolve them by working with the plugin maker.

    @Kissifrot, IE6/7/8 share common issues so it wouldn’t help until IE8 support can be dropped. Maybe 2021 or so.