jQuery 1.6.4 Released

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jQuery 1.6.4 Released

This is a minor point release of jQuery. We’re releasing it fix a couple issues that came up during the release of jQuery 1.6.3.

You can get the code from the jQuery CDN:

You can help us by dropping that code into your existing application and letting us know that if anything no longer works. Please file a bug and be sure to mention that you’re testing against jQuery 1.6.4.

We want to encourage everyone from the community to try and get involved in contributing back to jQuery core. We’ve set up a full page of information dedicated towards becoming more involved with the team. The team is here and ready to help you help us!

jQuery 1.6.4 Change Log

The current change log of the 1.6.4 release.


  • #10194: Data attribute names with single dash-surrounded letters cannot be accessed by the camel-case name


  • #10208: $(“form”).live(“submit”, fn) not fired from <button type=”submit”> in IE8


  • #10197: Bug with mime-type application/xhtml+xml in jquery 1.6.3

37 thoughts on “jQuery 1.6.4 Released

  1. There is a new bug in this version (1.6.2 is ok):


    always returns ‘checked’
    (input tag with type ‘checkbox’)

  2. apollolux on said:

    @errox – while that probably is true and probably should be fixed, i would think using $(‘#xyz’).is(‘:checked’) instead would probably be more beneficial in the long run.

  3. @Dylan

    #10208 ONLY affects IE 8, and only live() + form submit. I concede that it’s not a trivial bug, but I wouldn’t think it’d merit a point release especially considering it works in 1.6.2. Pretty sure I’ve seen much larger (impact-wise) bugs that didn’t push a release, but perhaps I’m wrong.

    And in the end I’m much happier with more releases vs. fewer releases :)

    Thanks, jQuery, and keep up the good work!

  4. @Ken

    Check out the description of the release again. Although only a few issues were fixed, it released nonetheless to “shore up” the 1.6.x branch should projects not be ready/willing to upgrade to 1.7.x when it drops.

  5. Tim Down on said:


    Use prop() instead, or event better, just use the DOM checked property:


  6. On slideToggle, the slideDown makes creates a does not slide. It just appears. The slideUp does work when called upon in slideToggle

  7. Hello I have been using jquery version 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 and the code below works fine.

    .animate({backgroundPosition: ‘-2082px 0px’}, {duration:7000})
    .animate({backgroundPosition: ‘-1041px 0px’}, {duration:7000});

    Did the syntax change?

    However, when I used later versions the code does not work. Please forgive me, but I do not have a lot of programming knowledge.

    Thank you,

  8. Mike Davis on said:

    I am getting the error “too much recursion” on line 660 of the uncompressed 1.6.4 library. I don’t know what’s triggering it. It’s something that happens on document ready. I never got that message before, with version 1.4.4. All I did was change the version of jQuery, and this error started popping up. It causes Firefox 7.0 to crash entirely. I got the error message in FF 3.6 for Linux.

  9. Mike Davis on said:

    I tested with all the builds going back to 1.5.2. I get the “too much recursion” error on all the 1.6 builds. I don’t get it on 1.5.2 or earlier.

    Additional info:
    I think this is related to an event that I have triggering on window resize, as I see the same message when I navigate away from the tab in Firefox and then come back to it.

  10. hyun jin on said:

    always returns ‘checked’
    (input tag with type ‘checkbox’)
    bug – *

  11. Radhika J on said:

    I am getting the following error in safari
    “Value undefined (result of expression window[objectname]) is not an object. Cannot be used with new”. This is happening only if I am including jquery 1.6.2 or jquery 1.6.4. Working fine with jquery 1.5.2 and jquery 1.4.2.

    var filename = ‘test’;
    var content;
    $.getScript(path+filename+’.js’, function(){
    var obj = new window[filename]();
    content = obj.execute($params);