jQuery 1.6.4 RC1 released

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jQuery 1.6.4 will be released soon, and we need your help with this release candidate to find any remaining bugs. We’re putting out a new version to address a few last-minute bugs that crept into the 1.6.3 release. With version 1.7 coming next month, we felt it was important to fix these bugs and finalize the 1.6.x line before making more extensive changes and feature additions.

Feel free to do your testing by including either one of these files (one minified and one uncompressed). If you find any important differences from 1.6.3, please file a bug as soon as possible and be sure to mention that you’re testing against jQuery 1.6.4 RC1. Our preferred venue for test cases is jsFiddle; you can just use the “jQuery (edge)” selection there.

jQuery 1.6.4 RC1 Change Log

The current change log of the 1.6.4 release:


  • #10194: Data attribute names with single dash-surrounded letters cannot be accessed by the camel-case name


  • #10208: $(“form”).live(“submit”, fn) not fired from <button type=”submit”> in IE8


  • #10197: Bug with mime-type application/xhtml+xml in jquery 1.6.3

Please do file a bug report with a test case as soon as possible if you find problems, as described above. Blog comments or Twitter aren’t helpful bug reports!

11 thoughts on “jQuery 1.6.4 RC1 released

  1. Happy to see that regressions get addressed quickly. Great work guys!

    Wow, 1.7 next month!!! That’s fast, cool!

    I really hope and pledge to avoid unneeded backwards compatibility issues with 1.7, not redo like 1.6 introduced over 1.5 on the attr() function changing meaning and introducing a new function prop for the old meaning of attr(), instead of attr() being kept for what it was and a new function e.g. htmlatr() having the new meaning. That broke compatibility with quite some plugins and made the migration to 1.6 impossible with smaller releases. Worse, in larger CMSes where many modules/extensions use jQuery you introduced compatibility issues, and this weakened jQuery’s appeal and long-standing backwards-compatibility principles.

    Really hope that 1.7 will not break existing jQuery library and existing plugins usages.

    Keep the good work in moving forward and keeping the backwards compatibility as has been done until 1.5 for 1.7 and beyond :-)

  2. Only you can force people/companies that are still using older browsers to change that. Make version 1.7 to work only with modern browsers.

  3. Necroman on said:

    You wont make companies use new browser, that’s just ridiculous idea. I was developing recently solution for one bank, they use Win2000 and IE6 on most of their machines, slowly migrating to Vista and IE7 :D
    Anyway, looking forward to see more speed improvements in jQuery 1.7, good job guys!

  4. It would be nice to make jQuery modular, so you can just decide which browsers you want to support. Like, a form with check boxes for each browser, all checked by default, and depending on what you uncheck, you’d download a different (trimmed) jquery.js.
    And/or based on features rather than browsers (box model support, AJAX support, opacity support, etc).

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