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jQuery 1.4.4 is now out! This is the fourth minor release on top of jQuery 1.4 and lands a number of fixes for bugs including some nice improvements over 1.4.3.

We would like to thank the following community members that provided patches, input and their time towards this release: Rick Waldron, Dan Heberden, Alex Sexton, Colin Snover.

Along with the following members of the jQuery core team: John Resig, Dave Methvin, Karl Swedberg, Paul Irish.

We also thank our bug triage team who assisted in narrowing down some of the important fixes needed for this release: Colin Snover, Rick Waldron, Addy Osmani, Alex Sexton, Adam Sontag, Dave Methvin, Mike Taylor, Aaron Boushley, Jitter and John Resig.


As usual, we provide two copies of jQuery, one minified and one uncompressed (for debugging or reading).

You can feel free to include the above URLs directly into your site and you will get the full performance benefits of a quickly-loading jQuery.

Additionally you can also load the URLs directly from Microsoft and Google’s CDNs:

Microsoft CDN: http://ajax.microsoft.com/ajax/jQuery/jquery-1.4.4.min.js

Google CDN: https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js

General Improvements

We’ve made a number of improvements with this release, many of which have fixed bugs that were highlighted by the jQuery Community. For the complete list of changes, see the section below marked ‘Changes’ for more information.

New Features

All new features and changes can be found in the jQuery API documentation for 1.4.4.


In an attempt to further unify the methodology across our API, we’ve introduced a new method to Effects called .fadeToggle(). We already have existing toggle methods in our API for sliding (.slideToggle()) and toggling classes (.toggleClass()) and it made sense for us to extend the availability of a built in toggle to fading effects as well. See the API documentation on .fadeToggle() for more information.


What’s Been Updated?

There are a few areas in jQuery that have seen changes since 1.4.3 was released:

  • (New) Added a new animation method, .fadeToggle()
  • (Enh) Calling .data() with no arguments now includes data from HTML5 data- attributes (#7222)
  • (Enh) Moved jQuery.props from support.js to attributes.js (#6897)
  • (Enh) .width() and .height() now report the width and height of hidden elements (#7225)
  • (Bug) stopImmediatePropagation was not being honoured in live/delegate event handlers (#7217)
  • (Bug) Fixed an issue where host and protocol were not compared case-insensitively when determining whether an AJAX request was local or remote (#6908)
  • (Bug) Fixed an issue where the “clone” variable was not being declared correctly (#7226)
  • (Bug) Fixed a bug where we only change the ID on nodes that don’t already have an ID for rooted qSA (#7212)
  • (Bug) Limited the scope of the CSS ‘auto’ change to just height/width (#7393)
  • (Bug) Fixed a bug to ensure that unquoted attribute selectors are quoted (allowing them to go into qSA/matchesSelector properly). Fixes (#7216)
  • (Bug) Fixed a bug to ensure that if additional load events are triggered (eg. an iframe being dynamically injected in DOM ready) the ready event isn’t triggered twice (#7352).
  • (Bug) Fixed a condition that prevents attr from working on non-Element nodes (#7451).
  • (Bug) Changing an HTML5 data attribute after calling .data(‘foo’) no longer causes .data(‘foo’) to also change (#7223)
  • (Bug) Fixed a bug where Opera didn’t give height/width of display: none elements with getComputedStyle but did with currentStyle – fall back to that if it exists added.
  • (Bug) Fixed a bug to ensure accessing computed CSS for elements returns ‘auto’ instead of ” consistently (#7337)

It also fixes a number of regressions in 1.4.3. One that caused:

  • (Bug) JSONP calls to fail when cleaning up after a callback (#7196)
  • (Bug) .removeData() to fail (#7209)
  • (Bug) “ready” events to fire twice when added using .bind(“ready”, foo) (#7247)
  • (Bug)  .css(‘width’) and .css(‘height’) to return 0 or negative values when trying to get the style of a hidden or disconnected element (#7225)
  • (Bug) the attribute not equals selector ([foo!=bar]) to not work in Firefox (#7243)
  • (Bug) find() to fail when selecting from forms containing inputs named “id” (#7212)
  • (Bug) .children(selector) to fail on XML documents (#7219)
  • (Bug) child (>), next sibling (+), and previous sibling (~) selectors to fail when combined with non-CSS pseudo-selectors like :last (#7220)
  • (Bug) an error “handler is null” to be raised when passing null as the event handler (#7229)
  • (Bug) it to be impossible to include a content-body with DELETE requests (#7285)
  • (Bug) it to be impossible to include data with HEAD requests (#7285)
  • (Bug) an issue where IE was firing click events on disabled elements when using live/delegate (#6911)
  • (Bug) .show() to fail if .hide() was first called on an already-hidden element (#7331)
  • (Bug) .show() to fail if an element was hidden in a stylesheet, then had .css(‘display’) manually set prior to calling .show() (#7315)

Backwards-incompatible changes in jQuery 1.4.4

The .width() and .height() methods no longer return 0 when inspecting an element hidden using ‘display: none’. To determine if an element is hidden, always use .is(‘:hidden’).

and that’s it!. jQuery 1.4.4 is now out so feel free to update your projects to use the latest version. We welcome any and all feedback from the community.

What Features Would You Like To See In jQuery 1.5?

Now that jQuery 1.4.4 is out, we’re starting the process of planning our next major release and we would like the community’s help in deciding what features we should include. The process for suggesting a feature is quite straight-forward; here’s what you need to do:

1. Think of a feature you would like included in jQuery 1.5
2. Create a new ticket for that feature in our [bug tracker] if one does not already exist
3. Send your nomination by filling out the [jQuery 1.5 feature nomination form]

Thats it! In a couple of weeks the jQuery team will be sitting down to review all nominations. The features that we think would benefit the majority of the community will be added to our roadmap.

We’re aiming to release jQuery 1.5 early next year and we appreciate any help you can provide in letting us know how we can improve it for you. We look forward to hearing your ideas and feature requests.

48 thoughts on “jQuery 1.4.4 Released

  1. great job with jQuery and it’s realeases! You made my life easier :)

    i will contribute with ideas for 1.5 in return. already thinking…

  2. Congrats and huge thank you for all the great work you are doing… So our life will be happy/easier.

  3. Do the releases after 1.4.1 for Visual Studio support Visual Studio’s Intellisense? Or, is it that an area where you need help to update and keep current?

  4. the .attr() method seems to be broken now, I get an error “a.setAttribute is not a function” when using this version, where 1.4.3 worked fine…

  5. Bruno Couto on said:

    Hey everyone,
    Congratz for the launch. Still, this version isn’t available at Google’s API. When can we expect it? Really missing it!

  6. Anybody else notice problems in IE 8 using:

    Prototype is being used on the site as well. I’m using 9(beta), and IE8 mode won’t work with jQuery 1.4.3, or 1.4.4. jQuery 1.4.2 is working fine. Did something change with this function?

  7. I would like to start learning and using this tool. But, I can not download jquery from the link above as it gives me RunTime error. What do I need to do?

  8. Prasa dabbada on said:

    This version (1.4.4) of Jquery is working fine on all browsers, but I am getting small issue in IE8 version. it is giving me message like ‘Object reference doesnt have Property or method’

    it is working fine with IE6 and IE7 as well but not in IE8 please suggest me what needs to be done.

    Thanks in advance
    Prasad Dabbada

  9. youngjedi on said:

    So great!
    Commenting to say the jQuery 1.5 feature nomination form is disabled.


  10. Maxwell de C. Batista on said:

    jQuery 1.5 a HTML5 and CSS3 Boss!!! Functions for Audio, Video, SVG, Canvas, etc. A real flash replacer for a web 2.0 pluginless.