jQuery 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1 Released

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jQuery 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1 is released! This is the first release candidate of jQuery 1.4.3. The code is stable (passing all tests in all browsers we support), feature-complete (we’re no longer accepting new features for the release), and needs to be tested in live applications.

Grab the code:

NOTE: If you’re using jQuery 1.4.3rc1 and you run into an error please make sure that you’re using the regular version of the code, it’ll make it easier to spot where the error is occurring.

How can I help?

To start, try dropping the above un-minified version of jQuery 1.4.3rc1 into a live application that you’re running. If you hit an exception or some weirdness occurs immediately login to the bug tracker and file a bug. Be sure to mention that you hit the bug in jQuery 1.4.3rc1!

We’ll be closely monitoring the bug reports that come in and will work hard to fix any inconsistencies between jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery 1.4.3.

What to Watch For

There are a few areas in jQuery that have seen extensive changes since 1.4.2 was released:

  • .css() and related css-handling methods were all overhauled.
  • Logic for determining element visibility and toggling of display in animation code.
  • Much of the traversing logic has been improved and changed (is, filter, closest, find).

Full details concerning the release are forthcoming – for now we just need your help in catch regressions.

With your input we should be able to produce a solid release. Right now we’re looking to get the final 1.4.3 release out in time for the jQuery Conference in Boston this next weekend. Thanks for your help in reviewing jQuery 1.4.3rc1!

21 thoughts on “jQuery 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1 Released

  1. Chris Jacob on said:

    Congrats! Any hints on JQMobile release date?

    I look forward to someone posting links to an article that goes into more specific detail about the 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 differences. Bloggers are circling at the smell of fresh blood/code I’m sure.

  2. Nice work at new RegExp, great tips and perfect documented from (i dont remember and Jonh clean all messages on twitter) i hope he publish the link about how to document a bug in jquery.

    Congratulations from Brazil!

  3. Sweet, will test it tomorrow in our development environment, be sure to report any quirks, thanks a bunch jQuery team, now bring us jquery mobile ;-)

  4. walktheweb on said:

    Nice Announcement! I will test your first and only release candidate the next few days. After finish, i will publish my results on my blog and here.

  5. Congrats everyone on the jQuery team, dropping the RC into current demo’s and articles I am doing on the new jQuery plugin’s i.e. Template, DataLink and Globalization.

    Will log any bugs I trip over. I look forward to the final release.

  6. Dick Lampard on said:

    Nice! Any ETA on the jQuery 1.5 release, John? I am eager to know when the jQuery templates will be added to the jQuery core to keep my projects in sync (while playing with the templates) and ship them when this happens.

  7. azaturkmen on said:

    I wish I could use Bindable feature as in Adobe Flex. If you can please do it. And thanks for developing it :)

  8. Just test it and just doesn’t want to load :
    Firebug’s log :
    jQuery.ajax.triggerGlobal is not a function
    [Break on this error] jQuery.ajax.triggerGlobal( s, “ajaxSend”, [xhr, s] );

  9. In jQuery 1.4.3 rc1, the offset and position methods are not correct in iOS 3.2+ mobile safari. It seems the mobile safari implementation of “getBoundingClientRect” incorrectly adds the X and Y scroll values to the rectangle values. This ticket (http://dev.jquery.com/ticket/6446) has been around for about 6 months, and I hoped that this would be addressed with the upcoming jQuery Mobile project. Using the alternate offset function (when browsers don’t support “getBoundingClientRect”) fixes the issue in both methods, but I cannot find a good way to feature detect the problem.

    Sorry, I would post this issue to the forums, but every time I log in, I get a blank page…

  10. Gentlemen. I get the following error on a login form I set up using jquery-ui as well.

    h is null
    [Break on this error] b){var d=[],e,g,h=this[0];if(c.isArray…h=h.parentNode;if(!h.ownerDocument||

    This happens when I load the page. Just that. No submits or clicks.

    Also, this release still breaks the accordion on jquery-ui. Just try to set up an accordion using this jquery release and you will see.


  11. Rubens Mariuzzo on said:

    Great! It is nice to see the constant evolution of the jQuery project. I wish that the dev team can stay with this same spirit.

  12. Addy Osmani on said:

    Hey guys. Just a reminder that if you notice something amiss with the release candidate, the quickest way for us to address it is if you file a new bug ticket here:


    That way the rest of the team will be able to check it out/comment.

    Please also include as many details as possible: eg. browser version, platform.

    Thanks :)

  13. David Goss on said:


    The syntax in your selector isn’t right. This works (in context of the example you linked to):

    $(this).find(‘span, em’).remove();

    find() returns all descendant elements matching your selector. I guess you were trying to use the right angle bracket to make a child selector in order to return elements one level down. In that case you would use:

    $(this).children(‘span, em’).remove();

    Hope this helps.