jQuery 1.4 Released

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Big News: jQuery 1.4 has been released! Head on over to the 14 Days of jQuery site to see the full details:

jQuery 1.4 Released

Also Media Temple has just started their 15 prizes for 14 days of jQuery contest. Submit cool uses of jQuery and enter to win free hosting or even a laptop!

37 thoughts on “jQuery 1.4 Released

  1. Thank you all for this great piece of software!
    It’s always a year’s highlight to see which improvements
    have it made into new jQuery releases.

    Keep it going!

  2. elm4ward on said:


    you have done a great job – and it will be a great benefit for us and the web!


  3. Great news! Just read about the improvements and changes – its really amazing!
    Congratulations and thanks for such a big release!

  4. Looks Great! But seems some issues with jQuery UI 1.7.2 in IE7.

    $(“#dialog”).dialog({show: ‘slide’})

    is not working as the way before.

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  7. Thank jQuery team and all contributing developers for this great piece of software. jQuery truly makes writing javascript a pleasure.

    Thanks yet again.

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  9. Asbjørn Rune Riis-Knudsen on said:

    Looking good. However, where is the vsdoc file? And why is the jquery.com download page still showing 1.3.2?

  10. Jordan Gray on said:

    I’m deeply pleased to see this released. At last, event.data and all those missing events (blur, focus etc.) on live events! Simulating these has been driving me spare.

    Thanks for all the hard work! As soon as this is on Google Code, I’ll start testing it in production sites.

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  12. .dialog({show: ’clip’}) is not working as the way before too,
    the animation starts and all looks fine but at the end of it it gets set to display:none.

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  15. Great Job! By the way, on the german news site golem.de, someone complained about the slowness of the selection of producton/development release on jquery.com (though I told him that jqery itself is much faster, I would appreciate if it would show on the front-page, too).

    Greetings, LX

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  18. Awsome! From the preformance data, it looks like you’ve done an excellent job on the new 1.4. Thanks so much, you guys rock!

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  21. great work, congratulations and many, many thanks!

    Is a downloadable version of the docs for this release coming soon? (for those who don’t have the internet available at any time)

    (BTW sorry for the bad english, try to stay understandable but I’m french and don’t have many occasions to practice ^^’ )