jQuery 1.4 Alpha 2 Released

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jQuery 1.4 Alpha 2 is released! This is the second alpha release of jQuery 1.4 (alpha 1 was released previously). The code is stable (passing all tests in all browsers we support), feature-complete (we’re no longer accepting new features for the release), and needs to be tested in live applications.

Grab the code:

NOTE: If you’re using jQuery 1.4a2 and you run into an error please make sure that you’re using the regular version of the code, it’ll make it easier to spot where the error is occurring.

How can I help?

To start, try dropping the above un-minified version of jQuery 1.4a2 into a live application that you’re running. If you hit an exception or some weirdness occurs immediately login to the bug tracker and file a bug. Be sure to mention that you hit the bug in jQuery 1.4a2!

We’ll be closely monitoring the bug reports that come in and will work hard to fix any inconsistencies between jQuery 1.3.2 and jQuery 1.4.

With your input we should be able to produce a solid release. Right now we’re looking to push out at least one beta around the beginning of the new year and a final release candidate early in January. The final release will occur on January 14th, coinciding with jQuery’s 4th birthday. Thanks for your help in reviewing jQuery 1.4a2!

46 thoughts on “jQuery 1.4 Alpha 2 Released

  1. Adam Campbell on said:

    Yes, a list of features and improvements would be awesome to have, without having to watch a video.

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  3. There seems to be a bug within the mouseenter/-leave events that causes both events to be called every second if the cursor stays within the entered object (at least in Firefox 3.5.5).

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  6. @Rene Leonhardt: since jQuery does not use canvas, it would be a waste of time and code to detect canvas support. Nevertheless, you can use it to do so yourself: just put a hidden “canvas” node inside your document and try whether the special JS method (.getContext) is available:

    // create canvas element
    var c =$(”).appendTo(‘body’);
    // look whether the method getContext is set – we do not use $.isFunction, because this will return false in IE on internal methods.
    $.support.canvas = !!c.attr(‘getContext’);
    // remove canvas element again

    Greetings, LX

  7. Alas the code was not converted to html :-/

    the first JS line meant to read:

    $(‘>canvas style=”display:none;” width=”1″ height=”1″<>/canvas<‘).appendTo(‘body’);

    Greetings, LX

  8. The minified version has quotes in bad places or non-existent ones when I look at it in dreamweaver. It comments out all my code below it.

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  10. jQuery is really great, but for javascript neophytes like myself, I seem to get into performance troubles (namely: IE7 and IE6 – a script is causing your page to run slowly…) when the page is large/contains hundreds of tags. There are a scattering of random blog posts about how to properly set up one’s jQuery functions, but I think it would be helpful if this site dedicated more space to the issue (maybe it does, and I’m missing it). Thanks!

  11. Well, in hopes of a solution, I purchased Cody Lindley’s jQuery Enlightenment book, and pg 17 may have solved the problem I was having. It discussed an approach I’d never come across before. Too bad that kind of documentation/explanation isn’t available on the normal jQuery site, but at least it is somewhere. (No, I don’t know Cody and I didn’t get paid for this.)

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  13. Cooper on said:

    Was going crazy trying to get .live() going for focus and blur events. Turns out it is broken in this release, works fine in alpha 1 though so will use that for now.

  14. What warrants the nearly 35KB increase in filesize between 1.4a2 minified and 1.3.2 minified?

  15. I tested it on our web platform. Worked perfectly!
    Keep up the good work, jQuery developers. F***ing love you, guys!

  16. I’m loving jQuery! BUt really: Why is it getting so big? That ist IMHO one of the great advantages of jQuery, its tinyness! What accounts for the almost doubling in file size?

    Keep on the great work!

  17. NeverGone on said:

    This version, as well as -dev, breaks the XUL if I use it in a Firefox 3.5 extension (just like 1.3 did)

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  19. leexae on said:

    There is a bug when I bind an event handler to form in IE; then I submit the form, but my submit handler has not executed.

  20. Can somebody give a reasonable explanation as to why the library has gotten so big with this release?