jQuery 1.4 Alpha 2 Released

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jQuery 1.4 Alpha 2 is released! This is the second alpha release of jQuery 1.4 (alpha 1 was released previously). The code is stable (passing all tests in all browsers we support), feature-complete (we’re no longer accepting new features for the release), and needs to be tested in live applications.

Grab the code:

NOTE: If you’re using jQuery 1.4a2 and you run into an error please make sure that you’re using the regular version of the code, it’ll make it easier to spot where the error is occurring.

How can I help?

To start, try dropping the above un-minified version of jQuery 1.4a2 into a live application that you’re running. If you hit an exception or some weirdness occurs immediately login to the bug tracker and file a bug. Be sure to mention that you hit the bug in jQuery 1.4a2!

We’ll be closely monitoring the bug reports that come in and will work hard to fix any inconsistencies between jQuery 1.3.2 and jQuery 1.4.

With your input we should be able to produce a solid release. Right now we’re looking to push out at least one beta around the beginning of the new year and a final release candidate early in January. The final release will occur on January 14th, coinciding with jQuery’s 4th birthday. Thanks for your help in reviewing jQuery 1.4a2!

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