jQuery Wins .Net Magazine Award

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Word has just come in that jQuery has won the 2009 .Net Magazine Award for best Open Source Application. jQuery was in the final voting with Firefox and WordPress.

Simon Willison graciously accepted the award for the team:


This award really goes out to the whole jQuery community and all the contributors that made jQuery what it is today. Congratulations!

11 thoughts on “jQuery Wins .Net Magazine Award

  1. Richard Le Poidevin on said:

    Well done everyone. Firefox and WordPress are big names to you should be very proud to beat them both!

  2. Congrats, but since when is jQuery a open source application? Its a javascript Library, not an application?

  3. Andrew Frank on said:

    Congratulations guys! You definitely deserve the recognition! JQuery is AWESOME! Keep up the remarkably great work!

  4. Great Job! And it’s what the jQuery team deserves!
    jQuery > prototype+scriptaculous > mootools

  5. Awesome news John! Thank you and the rest of the team for creating and maintaining such a brilliant library.

  6. Sangam Uprety on said:

    Good news for all of us! Congratulations first and thank you for such an amazing library. Work of you jquery team and commitment of all developers around world has been recognized once again! Who can forget jquery library is an absolute turning point in javascript implementation for dom manipulation and effects in web pages!!