jQuery Summit – Nov. 19th

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jQuery Summit

Environments for Humans is running a one-day, online conference focusing on jQuery. The conference will be on November 19th and will feature a number of prominent members of the jQuery community, including members of the jQuery team.

The following talks are slated for the jQuery Summit:

  • The State of jQuery – John Resig
  • Web Interface Essentials – Marc Grabanski
  • RIAs: Building for the Desktop with the Web – Jonathan Snook
  • Rich Interactivity, Simplified, with jQuery UI – Richard Worth
  • Refactoring jQuery – Jonathan Sharp
  • JavaScript for Designers – David McFarland
  • Building Robust jQuery Plugins – Jörn Zaefferer
  • jQuery Anti-Patterns for Performance & Compression – Paul Irish

While a number of these talks are reprisals from the recent jQuery conference, this event is not being run by the jQuery project. That being said, it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and we encourage those that missed the conference in September to check it out.

All attendees will be receiving a free copy of the upcoming jQuery Cookbook, from O’Reilly. Additionally a number of prizes will be given away to attendees (books, DVDs, etc.).

Register for the jQuery Summit

There is a ticket discount in effect until October 30th. Additionally, if you register and use the discount code JQRYRESIGJ you’ll save an extra 10% off the overall price. A portion of the proceeds will be coming back to help fund the project.

5 thoughts on “jQuery Summit – Nov. 19th

  1. Arne Martin on said:

    This sounds incredibly interesting and useful. But if I register, will the talks be available for streaming on demand later? I live in a different time zone, so the time is not exactly optimal for me.

  2. Ben Atkin on said:

    Those clicking on the link: the discounted price is shown even before you submit the form with the promotional code. The discounted price is $125.10 for individuals. The regular price is $139.00.

  3. Bridget on said:

    I don’t understand the difference between Individual and Meeting Room. I can’t seem to find the explanation of the difference. What am I missing?

  4. Christopher Schmitt on said:

    An Individual ticket is for one person viewing the jQuery Summit.

    The Meeting Room ticket is an onsite license ticket for businesses or organizations that want to broadcast the CSS Summit on their own projection screens in meeting rooms or auditoriums.