Fall 2009 jQuery Talks

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Reminder: While the upcoming jQuery Conference is already sold out, we’re still looking for some excellent talks. We’re accepting talk proposals until the 15th. If your talk is accepted your ticket fee will be waived.

Even if you can’t make the jQuery Conference, though, there are a number of opportunities to meet members of the jQuery team, hear talks about jQuery, or generally mingle with other jQuery users coming up in the next couple months. If you happen to know of any other talks or events please comment below and we’ll add them.

18 thoughts on “Fall 2009 jQuery Talks

  1. Wow, 1.4? What happened to 1.3.5 – 1.3.9? Anyway,looking forward to seeing the 1.4 improvements can we get a list of expected changes?

  2. I have noooo idea where this rumor is coming from. The blog post is just about some talks that are coming up! We’re working on 1.3.3 right now (shooting for a release around the time of the conference), will probably have 1.3.4 pretty soon after. And if the past 3 years is any indicator we’ll probably release 1.4 on jQuery’s 4th birthday in January.

  3. tovaldis542 on said:

    Sure, but the original statement is only a month off from truth. So you basically confirmed jQuery 1.4 in January. No pressure or anything.

  4. Sure jQuery 1.4 sounds great, but we got used to major improvements in .x releases of jQuery. For example 1.3 release had mind blowing selector performance improvements and new events system. So, unless there is nothing to top that I think it’s better to leave it in 1.3.x spectrum … IMO!!!

    I hope I won’t be around when jQuery version 2 comes out… coz it’s gonna kick everyones ass : )

  5. John – Should I start using 1.3.x in my current project? Or is 1.4 so radically different that I should wait for that?

  6. jquery 1.4 on said:

    John Resig said that 1.4 will be so good that you might as well stop using all versions prior and focus on 1.4.

  7. A J Away on said:

    I heard that jQuery 1.4 will be the only king, and that no other king will supersede or subsede that king.

    What? As long as we’re being crazy.

    I’m looking forward to the next evolution of the revolution.

  8. Thanks for the news about 1.4 version, I’m waiting for the stable version to add it to all my 2010 projects. By the way, happy new year for everybody, especially jQuery team!