This Week in jQuery, vol. 2

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A lot has happened this week in jQueryland. Here are a few highlights:

jQuery Core Development

Brandon Aaron has been on a roll the past few days, fixing bugs and enhancing features for the next version of jQuery. Among the updates committed to the Subversion repository were better support for nested fixed position elements and added support for contexts other than document with the .live() and .die() event delegation methods. See the past week’s timeline here.


  • A new release of Haineault’s Timepickr plugin is available.
  • Diego A. has updated his Star Rating plugin.
  • Jason Frame put together a set of “fun little text effects.”
  • The new Flexbox acts as a “replacement for html textboxes and dropdowns, using ajax to retrieve and bind JSON data.”
  • Not really a plugin, Sunday Morning is a fun jQuery-based translation bookmarklet using the Google Translate API.

Tutorials and Blog Entries

Free Book Chapter

Packt Publishing has posted a sample chapter of the new Learning jQuery 1.3 book. You can download the free PDF.

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  4. Mike Heath on said:

    As a newbie to jQuery (and indeed javascript), I’m having terminology problems. I’m hoping learning jQuery is less of a burden than learning javascript so I’m keen to capitalize on it. However, there is a set of ‘things’ particular to jQuery such as click or hover or addClass or get or toggle etc. These seem to be shortcuts for the equivalent javascript code but nowhere can I find a reference to the correct collective name. Are they something like operators or actions or functions or what? Hope you can see what I’m getting at. What I’m hoping to find is a list of all such terms to get an overview of jQuery functionality. Can anyone help?