jQuery Meetup in San Francisco

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There are a few jQuery guys in San Francisco this week and we thought it’d be fun to have a meetup. John Resig (Creator of jQuery), Rey Bango (Head of jQuery Evangelism Team) and Yehuda Katz (Rails Core Contributor, jQuery Team Member) will all be meeting up tomorrow night (the 29th) if you want to say ‘hi’.

More information can be found on the Upcoming.org site for the event – feel free to add yourself if you’re interested in coming:

6 thoughts on “jQuery Meetup in San Francisco

  1. gokudomatic on said:

    before $(‘#me’).drink(‘beer’).and().dropDown(), I would like to know why JQuery UI, which was announced for last week, is still not released? Why wasn’t there at least a notice of delay?

  2. julian on said:

    That would certainly be fun!

    I think drinks should be a class in your code sample, though, unless you’re all vying for the same drink.

  3. Walked in, saw a bunch of people chatting amongst themselves i didn’t recognize, had a drink, played with my napkin, gave another glance around and left. Oh well, looked like fun.