jQuery 1.3.1 Released

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Welcome Digg users! You may be interested in the full jQuery 1.3 release, which just happened on the 14th. Enjoy!

This is a bug fix release for jQuery 1.3. You can view the full list of what was fixed on the bug tracker.

There are no significant changes in 1.3.1 from 1.3 other than straight bug fixes. If you are still using jQuery 1.2.6, and looking to upgrade, please upgrade directly to this release.


A copy of jQuery 1.3.1 is also available on Google’s CDN (feel free to copy the URL directly into your site):

If you wish to checkout the full release from the Subversion repository, you can do so by following the following instructions and checking out the source from the following location:

svn co http://jqueryjs.googlecode.com/svn/tags/1.3.1

A couple quick housekeeping notes:

Some noted in the release notes for 1.3 that we missed testing on Firefox 2, even though we still support it. This was a mistake on our part: We still support Firefox 2 and test on it prior to releases. You can see the full test suite run below.

jQuery 1.3.1

It was also noted that Safari 2 didn’t show up in the list of browsers that we tested against prior to the 1.3 release. This is correct – we are phasing out support for Safari 2 in jQuery. Considering that Safari 2 shows no appreciable market share and has been superseded by 3 separate Safari releases (3.0, 3.1, and 3.2) we no longer see a need for significant testing against that release.

Finally, a few users noticed that we no longer provide a “packed” version of jQuery (a version of jQuery run through Dean Edwards’ Packer with Base62 encoding turned on). We did this for a couple reasons:

  • Packed scripts are significantly harder to debug (even harder than minifed scripts).
  • Packed scripts aren’t able to run on all platforms without issue (such as Adobe AIR and Caja-capable environments).
  • But most importantly: Packed scripts are slower for the user than what you would get from using just minification. This may seem counter-intuitive since a packed script’s file size is smaller than a minified script but the final load time ends up being much higher (due to the decompression step it must go through). We have some data regarding the loading performance of minified scripts vs. packed scripts, for those that are interested.

The minifed copy of jQuery that we provide, run through the YUI Compressor, should be the optimal form of jQuery to use in a production environment (served using gzipping, if possible).

68 thoughts on “jQuery 1.3.1 Released

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  2. Fantastic release, fast ! It fixes the major bugs of jQuery 1.3.0 and makes it a good replacement of jQuery 1.2.6. We have tested it off SVN, found it to be stable, and will include it into the shortly released Community Builder 1.2 Stable. Very pleased with the new features and speed improvements. Truly Amazing work. Looking forward to jQuery UI 1.6 Stable, another piece of amazing work. Kudos.

  3. jvhellemond on said:

    I was waiting for this release, as it fixes the application/xhtml+xml bug, so great! It is not on ajax.googleapis.com yet, as others have mentioned. Is there a way that you could expediate new releases to Google for hosting at ajax.googleapis.com, or do we just have to wait for them to pick this up?

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  6. Thanks for the release and the many details !
    I know understand why you choose not to release a packed version, thx.
    When running the minifyed version through the latest version of YUI Compressor I noticed a gain of about 500 bytes. Nothing important but you might want to update your YUI Compressor for the next release.
    Again, thanks a lot !

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  8. @tipiirai: Not sure, but the team at Google is working on getting it uploaded.

    @quark: The team at Microsoft is working on the new vsdoc file.

    @Simon: We’re already using the latest version of YUI Compressor (the one available on the web site). Why are you double-minifying the code?

  9. Well thanks for the quick answer John.
    Why I am double-minifying the code ? Juste wanted to check what I could gain so don’t worry, this wasn’t an offense ;)
    Whatever, nice job :)


    Ok I just understood where I get this 500 bytes from: the comments. Given that the comments are Copyrights I won’t double-minify again ;)

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  13. BuKToP on said:

    Well now I get it why we do not have “packed” version :) One last thing about it:
    I think you should also change the file size info. On the index page (and also here in this post) is written (18kb)… Well the packed version WAS 18kb. Now we’re talking about 54kb as far as I can see :)

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  18. Hello,

    Thanks for the quick release after 1.3!

    Where will the Visual Studio “-vsdoc” file for jQuery 1.3.1 be announced/released? I understand that the MS team is working on it, but I’m not sure who that is — is it ScottGu?


  19. The tabs still don’t work with this 1.3.1

    Do I have to run beta UI to get this to work?

    Works fine in 1.2.6

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  21. I found an interesting error with 1.3.1… or rather, it helped me find my error. When clicking a thingy that had a

    $(‘.#some_div’).css(‘display’,’none’); on it, I got

    [Exception… “‘Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .’ when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]” nsresult: “0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)” location: “” data: no] Line 0

    in Firebug. It took some time to notice, but this was because of the
    ‘.#’ when I just meant ‘#’. This line worked in 1.2.6, so I thought it was an error with 1.3.1 at first. Removing the strange selector fixed it!

  22. object0 on said:

    unexpected “NS_BINDING_ABORTED” occurs with 1.3.1 using $.post() with the JSON response. Everything is fine with 1.2.6, tho.

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  30. dinasour on said:

    good job! I hasn’t understood the whole JQuery1.2.6, the 1.3.1 is already release. so fast so cool!

  31. m3tropolis on said:

    I found an attribute selector bug, found the ticket in bug tracker (#4131), but the funny thing is that I only found it in 1.3.1.

    $(‘input[id^=”qty”][value!=””]’).each(function() {…}); works in 1.3.0 and fails in 1.3.1!!!!!

    I was just about to hammer my computer with the sledge I keep beside me, when my previously working code suddenly threw an error! I’m glad that I didn’t spend the entire night trying to find *my* error.

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  33. travis on said:

    is there a list of plugins that are no longer working with 1.3? i am having some troubles with cluetip in ie and just wondering if anyone else is having difficulties.