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Hey everyone,

I’m glad to announce that finally, we decided to kick out a release candidate of jQuery UI 1.6. It’s called rc2, because we pushed out a rc1 too early on Monday, and to everyone who downloaded that one or another early version of 1.6, a upgrade to 1.6rc2 is highly recommended. This is also the final version before the real deal, which can be expected to follow in the next days.

1.6rc2 is mainly a bugfix and stability release, and we made sure again you can read what has changed in our changelog for 1.6, which shows the current state.

Download multiple versions, public dev group

In addition to all the bugfixes, we also have a couple of new hot things to check out:

  • You can now decide wether you want to download the stable or unstable version in the download builder. This is a big one, because for the first time, users have the possibility to decide what to download using the convienient interface.
  • The jquery-ui-dev list has been opened to the public. This is also a big change, because it means you can now actively participate in the development of jQuery UI, by simply participating in the discussions, and we highly encourage you to do so!

New servers

Finally, we’re currently doing a transition to a new, dedicated server for jQuery UI, and all the other jQuery subdomains also receive new servers. This will give the UI homepage and the documentation major performance boosts in the next days.

Now go to http://ui.jquery.com/download and grab jQuery UI 1.6rc2!

See you,
Paul Bakaus & the jQuery UI Team

23 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.6rc2

  1. “users have the possibility to decide what to download using the convienient interface”

    typo: convienient

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  3. Nicholas LeBlanc on said:


    docs.jquery.com and ui.jquery.com have been down all weekend for me as well. Is this because of the server switch? I need to download the tabs ui :P.


  4. Is there a “trunk” theme as well? As I noticed that the color picker doesn’t work since it requires alot of images that aren’t present in the default theme, etc.

  5. Mathias on said:

    It seems like you always get a empty file when trying to download anything using the packed-compression from the package builder. Couldn’t find any good place to report this so here it goes (Trac kept throwing errors when I tried browsing the bugs)

  6. Can someone fix the empty file problem when downloading a packed version using package builder please? Thanks.

  7. While jQuery is my JS library of choice, I find the developers of both jQuery and jQuery UI push things out a little too soon for general public consumption. Now while I understand their public is largely a wide base of developers, the amount of bugs, un-updated documentation, demos that don’t work properly and messy packaged releases reflects poorly on what is an otherwise wonderful project.

    Another gripe I have is with the complete lack of historical documentation on jQuery and jQuery UI. It’s there in the wiki revisions, but hard to find the specific version of the docs for the version of jquery you are using. Tagging it properly with versions, would do wonders. That would be useful for developers who are stuck with older versions of jquery and need to migrate to newer APIs. Or those poor Drupal 5ers who haven’t realized that jquery_update is out.

    Otherwise keep up the great work. jQuery/UI are awesome and I love them both. It’s allowed me to do things with javascript I would of otherwise never been able to do with my peanut brain.

    Keep up the good work..and I’ll continue to update the docs when I find issues :D