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About 4 days ago, many have noticed that we had uploaded another minor bugfix release to our Google Code account. While there’s, again, no new API introduced, more than 30 issues have been cleared and the codebase is growing more stable every day.

The full changelog is available here if you want to find out if a specific issue has been addressed. As with 1.5.1, updating to this version is highly recommended and likely not to break anything in your written code.

You can grab the latest release as always via the downloader or as developer package at http://ui.jquery.com/download or if you prefer, get it as latest tag from Subversion.

As a last comment, this is probably the last minor release before 1.6, which we will announce before the end of July, so watch out for a couple of awesome new components and enhancements soon!

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Paul Bakaus & the jQuery UI Team

24 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.5.2

  1. What kind of controls we should waiting for. I am now evaluating a few javascript frameworks like smartclient and qooxdoo. I am looking for an olap data grid (data cube).
    But both frameworks have huge js files… I am waiting for jquery ui to become more complete. So please guys, consider my desire in your planning

  2. Claudio on said:

    @Vasile: I agree with you, there’s a roadmap here: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Roadmap
    but I’d like more details, for example the UI Grid, will be based on an existing Grid Plugin (ie Flexgrid, jqGrid, other ?) or will it be completely new?

  3. FlexiGrid is great but it’s kind of slow when loading data from server.

    It would also be nice it it supported standard json recordsets . For example: [{name:value},{name:value}]

  4. Hi Claudio,

    It does support json but a not so friendly version of the json recordset. The most commonly used format is [{name:value},{name:value}].

    I had started working with FlexiGrid a month ago but have switch to jqgrid due to missing features. Flexigrid looks great but at the time it was lacking flexible options and APIs. I hope things have picked up now.

    I would like to send Paul a few comments on FlexiGrid but I don’t see how I can contact him on his website.

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  6. weiwei on said:

    I want to understand that this also likes jquery but English very bad not knowing what when leaves the official Chinese version?

  7. I know this isn’t the right place to ask, so please delete this message as you please.

    I’m trying to access the documentation all day and it’s been offline, what’s up?


    Btw: thanks for this great tool :)

  8. James A Baker on said:

    I also can’t access the docs site… and I’ve been having the trouble since yesterday.

    Is there a way to report this properly, when the docs site (including the “Discuss” and “jQuery team” links) is completely unreachable?



  9. James A Baker on said:

    Okay. Sorry, just discovered that trac is not a part of the docs subdomain, and is reachable.

    So, I registered an account and posted a bug there. Sorry for the unnecessary posting here.

    @John – plugins is a section of the docs site. That’s why it’s down too.

  10. James A Baker on said:

    @John redux – Or at least, I think it redirects you to docs. I’m not sure, now that I think about it more. *shrug*

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