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The jQuery Team is pleased to announce the second annual jQuery Camp! jQuery Camp 2008 will be held on Sunday, Sept. 28, the day before The Ajax Experience, in Boston, MA (location TBA).

Last year, over 100 jQuery developers gathered for a full day of jQuery sessions, which included talks from such big names as jQuery creator John Resig and other core team members, as well as talks from expert users exploring new and exciting jQuery projects. It brought together the largest group of jQuery Core Team members ever assembled, and gave users the opportunity to pick their brains and pitch new ideas.

The event was a *clear* success, and this year’s camp promises to be even better.

jQuery Camp 2008 will offer two tracks, providing both introductory and advanced sessions, covering a variety of topics. Ajax development, mashups, security and the recently released jQuery UI component and effects library are just some of the topics already lined up.

jQuery Camp 2008 will charge a nominal fee of $50 per person, which will include lunch. Attendees need NOT be registered for The Ajax Experience to attend. Registration will open in July; keep an eye on jQuery.com for more details!

For those attending The Ajax Experience, show organizers have recently announced a half-day time slot for additional jQuery sessions, on September 29th at the conference center. The agenda is still up in the air, but we’re thinking of offering a “Dream Team Code Review” session, where users can have code reviewed by members of the jQuery team. We’re interested in your feedback; would you attend this session?

jQuery Camp 2008 is a truly fantastic opportunity to learn from the jQuery team and socialize with top jQuery developers; we’re looking forward to meeting everyone!

See you all in September.

49 thoughts on “jQuery Camp 2008 Announced

  1. @Paul: We tried that last year and we still ended up coming out of pocket for some expenses. For an OSS project, it’s certainly not fair for any team member to have to do that. The $50 cost is very reasonable especially for the level of expertise that will be presenting.

    With that said, we’re still going to try to line up sponsors to add additional value to the event but we don’t want to rely on that and not be able to give a fantastic learning experience for everyone.

  2. Do we have the hours yet? I’d like to pitch this to my boss. With it being on Sunday I don’t think it should be a problem with work, but I’d also like to look at getting there.

  3. Martin Seroczynski on said:

    I wish to be there, flying from Europe to Boston is very difficult for developers from other countries but no matter what I’ll try!

  4. John Farrar on said:

    OK… I am scheduled to be at CFDevCon IN the UK the days before that and will be flying back. I wonder if there is a way to make both of them. I would love to speak on CF/jQuery integration also.

  5. andrea on said:

    Would you get this streamed?
    I m nowhere near the US and not planing to go either.

    It might be a good excuse to meet a few heads here and discuss

  6. Brian Loomis on said:

    Does anyone know if there are going to be any videos of this available? The mountain west ruby conference was videotaped and made available online for attendees that could not make it. Considering the price of fuel these days I would gladly pay more for material if I can avoid some travel.

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  8. The 28th is the last baseball game of the season – Red Sox vs Yankees. Our Boston fan brains just won’t let us do anything else that day, unfortunately. It’s truly a disease.

    However, I’d be glad to pay to have access to video of the sessions. Any chance you folks could pull that off?

  9. Signed up and looking forward to it!

    Joe Alba: I’m a Sox fan myself, but I’m pretty sure you’ll have a better time of finding video of the game than video of the conference after the 28th. :)

  10. Is there an official program or schedule what kind of sessions and presentations will be held?

  11. daniel on said:

    next year jQuery Camp 2009 Europe, please!!!
    any chance to attend online, video streaming??

  12. Hey there, it’s a shame this sort of thing doesn’t often get put on in Australia. I’d be VERY keen for video coverage though, if you guys can pull that off :)

  13. I am interested in both jQuery Camp 2008 and the AJAX Experience but I have no detail to convince my boss to attend. It would be better if you can give something that will be in both events.

  14. Can anyone give me a breakdown of what these “sessions” are? I’m trying to pitch it to my boss so he’ll let me go. ;) But he wants the ol’ cost-benefit analysis type deal. Is there a list of sessions? We need details! :)

  15. any plans to have these types of conferences on the west coast? I am 100% certain that I can get “space” to hold these events here in Los Angeles

  16. Justin Kozuch on said:

    *Whistles* $50 isn’t bad at all… I’m tempted to rent a car and drive down for the weekend… Decisions, decisions.

  17. camilo lopez on said:

    just to send you a huge hello from Colombia, I wish i could be there. Have fun.

  18. I wonder if you’d be interested in a short talk at the conference on real-world applications? We’ve recently just released the plusmarketsgroup.com web site which features movable, customisable pods which have their content updated in real-time via AJAX (and their settings remembered…) – see http://plusmarketsgroup.com/PLUS_myplus.shtml, and tradingturqouise.com which features lots of animation and AJAX, auto-resizable iFrames, and a stand-alone book viewer with bags of features including communication with the parent window.

    All done in jQuery (obviously – why wouldn’t you :-) ), and I’ve some (hopefully) interesting experiences and thoughts that I’d be glad to share. Might be nice to show people that jQuery is being used on real-world, top-end web sites; these are multi-million pound trading sites…



  19. I tried out a lot of javascript libraries/frameworks when I was starting up development for my price comparison site/mashup, but it was love at first sight with jQuery :-) – haven’t looked back ever since. Anyways, in the same vein as “Hogsmill”, I was wondering if people would be interested in a talk featuring this kind of a real world app. Who do

  20. Sorry…hit the “return” key accidentally…guess there is no way to undo the incomplete comment :-( . Here is the full thing:

    I tried out a lot of javascript libraries/frameworks when I was starting up development for my price comparison site/mashup, but it was love at first sight with jQuery :-) – haven’t looked back ever since. Anyways, in the same vein as “Hogsmill”, I was wondering if people would be interested in a talk featuring this kind of a real world app. I saw “Ajax development, mashups” in the list of topics being discussed. Is there someone in particular I need to contact if I want to present a short talk on the application at the conference? You can check out the site at http://www.xatori.com

  21. We’re getting fairly close to the date, did they pick a place yet? I’d like to choose a hotel close to the venue.

  22. Is there a max number of attendees? I am trying to wrangle a few developers together and I don’t know how many will attend in the end. Can we just get the tickets at the door?

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  24. Like the redesign – the one thing you need to do is made a:hover more different to the original a. A slight change in colour, and a pointy finger is not enough for good, clear web design. Otherwise, I like it a lot!

  25. chisler on said:

    Would love to see these talks either streamed or taped for posting after the event. I’d gladly pay the registration fee for access to the content, it’s just too expensive to travel to Boston from Europe for this event alone.