jQuery Worldwide Sprint a huge success

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The jQuery Worldwide Sprint (see previous post) is over, and it was a wonderful momentum and great experience for many of us.

We made great use of the sprint wiki page during the sprint, and it now serves as a reference of what we accomplished, including meeting summaries and irc logs.

We moved a lot closer to jQuery UI 1.5, and we had 20+ people actively participating, working in one of four different groups:

Development Group

The dev group was solely focusing on the codebase of jQuery UI. They fixed more than 20 issues in our bugtracker, and implemented missing features such as the greedy option in Droppables. Additionally, we improved the core of UI in a very positive way: we got rid of two dependancies (jquery.dimensions.js and ui.mouse.js) and added one (ui.base.js). The impact was so great that even the core was changed: jQuery itself now includes useful methods from the Dimensions plugin (more on this in the upcoming blog post).

Test Group

The test group focused on writing and running a full suite of unit tests for each UI Plugin. This is critical, to ensure that all the features of each plugin are thoroughly tested in all supported browsers. The unit test coverage after the sprint is about 60%. Our goal is to have it in the high 90s before 1.5 final.

Demos Group

The demos group created a brilliant functional demo template and functional demos for many of our plugins. Also, many volunteers worked on stunning real-world examples that show how a specific plugin can be used in a real world scenario. All demos will flow into the new demo category on our upcoming website.

Documentation Group

The docs group had the pleasure of pouring over the documentation for each UI plugin, comparing to the source code, to unit tests, and demo pages. They wrote and updated to ensure correctness and clarity, for even an absolute newcomer to jQuery UI.

Thank you

So after all, we haven’t completely reached all of our goals, and we still have to work hard on fixing all issues still open. But we made huge progress that certainly wouldn’t have been possible without the combined power of all who helped. Not only this, but the Sprint was also a great way to introduce and motivate new people to join the UI project.

A big thanks to everyone who helped during the sprint and before the sprint – especially Richard Worth, who had the initial idea and made this event possible (he did all the hard stuff ;-) ), Eduardo Lundgren, who managed the demo group and worked insanely long hours during the sprint, and all the others who made huge contributions on both days.

But it’s not over until it’s over: We stll have to date 46 issues opened in our bugtracker until we are ready to roll out the final version of UI 1.5. Therefore, we are already thinking about a follow-up sprint. More on that soon here!

See you soon!

Paul Bakaus & the jQuery Team

29 thoughts on “jQuery Worldwide Sprint a huge success

  1. Yeah the sprint is very good ! I particularly like the crop tool using resizable and draggable. A croppable is not very far ;-)

  2. Respekt! Endlich kommt wieder Schwung rein. Have looked fast at the new demos from the Demos Group – nice nice – specialy the imagecropdemo :)

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  4. Miksago on said:

    Who’s up for an Easter sprint? :P

    Yay! For great work and enthusiasm on UI / jQuery, will there be another in a few months?

    Now that i have a fourday weekend, i better put it to use.. to the SVN/Bugtracker!

  5. Great to see where it’s headed; especially the swift in placement of functionality in ui.base.js & jQuery core! Can’t wait to see a release :)

  6. Great news and great job! Wish I could have been involved, but look forward to the next sprint and possibly joining in on the fun. I love jQuery and want to help if at all possible.

  7. Cant wait for 1.5 release. There are bugs while resizing on dialog window, with tested ie7.0.5730.13 ve FF
    When will it be done? I dont know how can I help it. How can I use that SVN?

  8. Man, It has been almost a month since anything! We tend to not move to fast in jquery land. When is the next sprint? I will participate. I’ve been looking at ExtJs, because development here has been sluggish, but I really don’t want to part with jquery….

  9. Count me in too, I’d like to see a grid component like ExtJS and am willing to contribute. I guess getting the current set of UI components up to par is good place to start -so far its looking good. Help me help ya’all make it better!

  10. Perhaps John is too busy with talks at seminars. I check his website regularly for updates, and also the jquery trac, the bugs list keep increasing and hardly get to see any activity.

  11. Claudio on said:

    only licensing keeps me from trying extjs…but if qooxdoo 0.8 will be out before jquery ui 1.5 final…

  12. Actually, now following on twitter. Seems like a better way to keep updated. The new UI site looks great, and love the customizable download options.

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