Flot, a new plotting plugin for jQuery

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Here’s some holiday cheer: Flot, a new plotting library/plugin for jQuery by Ole Laursen. The initial 0.1 release has some stunning features, including interactivity with your charts. Flot looks very promising, and we like to highlight promising developments in the jQuery community!


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31 thoughts on “Flot, a new plotting plugin for jQuery

  1. This is so cool, I can’t wait to integrate this on my site. I was looking at some server side options for making charts this past week and was very concerned about the future strain on server resources generating all those images … never mind caching issues.

    This might just work for me!

  2. I tried the samples and it seemed speedy to me. Any chance of changing the data on the fly? Do you have to redraw the whole chart when you do so?

  3. Just started playing around with it and I see amazing potential.

    One thing though, can you use non-numeric values for, say, the x-axis? Didn’t see it in the examples, and i’m trying to create a graph that displays numbers per month (e.g. I’d like the x-axis to display “11-07” for November 07.

    Regardless, just plain awesome work. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nevermind…RTFM….reading the API I found the option to enter the tick array. Very helpful :-D

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  6. I found it ironic that Google released their chart API just days after flot was released. http://code.google.com/apis/chart/

    Didn’t that happen that jQuery and a CSS selector library were released on the same day? It is really funny how that happens. I will most certainly be trying them both these charting APIs out!

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  8. R: you need to rerender the whole chart. This is mostly an artifact of how the canvas works – each time you perform a drawing operation, you’re changing the canvas surface. So there’s no easy way to remove and replot a line unless you introduce multiple layers of canvases. Maybe it would be a good idea if the Flot API would allow you to rerender the whole chart easily, though.

    Dominik: If you’re having trouble, feel free to comment on the new brand-new Flot mailing list.

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  10. It’s a really awesome plugin! Easy to use and extremely powerful. This, in combination with tablesorter plugin, and you get the ultimate data visualization experience :D

  11. Shailesh Singh on said:

    The thing I couldn’t get to work is completely zoom out as to how the graph looked when initially loaded. Does anyone know if this feature will be included in future release?