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Google relaunched their Google Code site with a new design and, you guessed it, jQuery under the hood! Dion Almaer, employee at Google and co-founder of, discusses the redesign on his blog and makes mention to the fact that the Google team is now using jQuery for the Google Code site. DeWitt Clinton also discusses this on the Google Code Blog:

For example, the search results pages use a combination of the AJAX Search API and Custom Search Engines. The homepage gadgets use the AJAX Feed API and Google Reader feeds. The videos are powered by the YouTube API, the blogs by the Blogger API, the events powered by the Google Calendar API, the metrics by Google Analytics, the forums by Google Groups, etc., etc.. And we’re pleased to use jQuery, the wonderful open source JavaScript library (not ours, we’re just fans), to help power each page. Stay tuned — over the upcoming weeks we’ll offer detailed articles and tutorials about how we built the various parts of Google Code using open technologies.

As pioneers in the Ajax and JavaScript space, it’s extremely exciting to have Google use jQuery to help them build out this site and we look forward to helping the Google team in the future.

17 thoughts on “Google Using jQuery

  1. Gordon on said:

    Good to see that the Google APIs play nice with jQuery. Maybe it would be an idea to at some point provide plugins for jQuery that wrap the Google APIs in jQuery developer-friendly goodness.

  2. While they use jQuery, I notice in the plugins that have been developed, there is a closure, yet they still use ‘JQuery’ instead of ‘$’ -which kind of defeats the purpose of using the closure in the first place. That’s only a minor criticism though, the code looks pretty robust.

    Hopefully they may release some plugins as well (like the tree widget which has the aforementioned use of the closure).

    If Google uses jQuery, it is even more proof that jQuery is a mature and capable framework.