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Hey guys,

As many of you already know, I have been working on jQuery in Action, a book on jQuery for Manning Publishers.

Almost the entire book is available on MEAP (Manning Early Access Program), and it’s going to be published in December of this year.

The book itself is pretty awesome. It tries to give you the information you need with a useful narrative, including motivation for certain parts of jQuery. One of the greatest things about the book, in my humble opinion, are the labs, which allow you to test out parts of jQuery without having to throw together an entire test case. For instance, there’s a selector lab, which lets you see, visually, which elements will be selected by a given jQuery selector, and a drag/drop lab, which lets you test drag options via radio buttons and then see the results in action quickly.

It’s currently the only book out that covers jQuery 1.2, as well as the important parts of jQuery UI (including stuff like the undocumented callback object that you get in the draggable/droppable primitives). Toward the end of the book, you get full-chapter examples (my favorite is the Ajax chapter, which covers building an Ajaxified store selling boots ;) ), and focuses heavily on jQuery best practices and Unobtrusive Scripting.

The book itself is very much in the spirit of jQuery: short and to the point, while covering the important background material necessary to fully understand the topics at hand (especially non-trivial topics like event binding and Ajax).

Without further ado, you can purchase the book (you’ll get the prerelease stuff now and the complete book when it’s released in December) at Manning’s Site. If you use the coupon code JQM30 before the end of October, you will also receive a 30% discount.

15 thoughts on “jQuery in Action (Get 30% Off!)

  1. Looks great. I just downloaded the free sample chapter. Are the sample files you mention in the chapter available with the prerelease?

  2. alistair on said:

    it’s got like, poo brown, and some 1/3rd english man, 1/3rd homeless man, 1/3rd pirate, wearig his freshly grown neckbeard, smoking a pipe on the cover!

    i dunno, it just looks like a generic coding book.
    mayhaps a nice cover would be… nice :)

  3. Simon Jia on said:

    Absolutely Awesome!!!! You guys are a head of the game ( i dont’s see
    prototype in action” yet ;) )

  4. Steve Finkelstein on said:

    Pre-ordered my copy. Can’t wait for this. John Resig’s Pro JavaScript Techniques is one of my most frequently referenced books!

  5. Howard Katz on said:

    Just back from a week in Boston (including a day at jQuery Camp) to find that the discount coupon expired yesterday. Aargh, I hate that! Damn, and the book looks great too.

  6. I missed the expiry date of the coupon too but thought it’s still a very good price for the gold mine of information it contains. I’ve skimmed through the ebook and the current 262 pages looks very juicy. Nice work, Bear & Yehuda! (Shame about the cover! ;-))

    What I can’t do is download the “labs” app/code that the book references. Perhaps the URL won’t be published until the book is officially launched in December?

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