jQuery 1.2.1: Quick Fixes for 1.2

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jQuery 1.2.1 is a bug fix release for jQuery 1.2. You can view the full list of what was fixed on the bug tracker.


jQuery 1.2.1:

If you wish to checkout the full release from the Subversion repository, you can do so by following the following instructions and checking out the source from the following location:

 svn co http://jqueryjs.googlecode.com/svn/tags/1.2.1

Important Changes

Relative Animations

There was a serious error in the API for the new relative animations that caused a conflict with existing animation styles. To resolve this, in order to do a relative animation, you must now use the following syntax:

 $(...).animate({ height: "+=50px", width: "-=20%", fontSize: "+=2em" });

With += meaning “Add to the current position” and -= meaning “Take away from the current position”.


Due to some very-persuasive arguments, and a great deal of reconsideration, .eq() has been brought back. A great number of plugins rely on this single method – and the alternative provided by .slice() simply wasn’t as elegant a solution as what was originally provided.

19 thoughts on “jQuery 1.2.1: Quick Fixes for 1.2

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  3. So is the Packer/ActiveX/Flash bug fixed? Or do we have to use the minified version with the patch?

    Also, are you planning on releasing alpha or beta versions in the future? It seems like the day after a major release there’s always an update. It would be nice to have a fully tested / stable version for production environments.

    Great work on everything (including UI – looks very nice)!

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  5. @Dave: You should use the minifed version, correct. As far as releases go: In the past we did alpha/beta releases but didn’t get nearly enough feedback. Users simply didn’t want to upgrade their applications to an alpha or beta library. So, instead, we’ve had much better luck drastically improving the quality of the test suite – which has been great in catching nearly all regressions. There were incredibly few regressions – only about 1-2, the rest being weird browser quirks. It was, actually, a rather solid release (IMO).

  6. @John: I’m using the minified version and it works great, thanks. Fair enough about the alphas/betas. The releases are generally very solid and the bugs don’t usually effect what I do, but I still like to wait a day or 2 after a big release just to check. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan of JQuery and it’s saved me hours of coding!

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  12. Your jQuery “minified” is said to be 14KB here and on jQuery.com as well, but on the download site (and once downloaded) it is 44KB… Where the smallest is “packed”… was there a typo or was something wrong with the packing?

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  14. “missing ; before statement”.

    Which leads to:

    “jQuery is not defined”.

    Not even the starter kit works. I’m not impressed. When will this be fixed?