SF jQuery Meetup and Ajax Experience

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SF jQuery Meetup and Ajax Experience West

Ajax Experience West 2007
The good folks over at Ajaxian and TechTarget have put together a great conference, July 25-27. Speakers are varied, talking about the latest and greatest from the world of rich web development. See the full list of speakers and schedule. Speakers include Brendan
, CTO of Mozilla; Creator of JavaScript. Chris Wilson, Internet Explorer Platform Architect and Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect, Adobe. It promises to be a lively and interesting forum.

More exciting than even those speakers, there will be two jQuery representatives speaking: John Resig and Glen Lipka.

John will be giving 3 sessions, two on jQuery:

Additionally, John will be speaking on a panel, at Friday’s lunch, on the future of Ajax.

And Glen will be giving a talk on jQuery:

There will be a number of other jQuery users, and team members, in attendance (including Yehuda Katz and Michael Geary).

SF jQuery Meetup

On July 26, we are taking the opportunity to invite everyone in the jQuery community to meetup at the Gordon Biersch San Francisco Brewery for drinks appetizers and debugging. We are open source, so BYOCC (Bring Your Own Credit Card).

Yehuda Katz has special jQuery SWAG for the first 1000 25 jQueriers to buy another member of the community a drink. Additionally, we should have a couple extra copies of the brand-new Learning jQuery book by Karl Swedberg & Jonathan Chaffer.

We hope you can make it. Sign up and see you then!

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  1. John, will you be making your presentation available online for those that cannot attend? Been using jQuery on all my projects for the past few months now and it’s been great. Keep it up!