A salute to jQuery contributor, Toggg

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Bertrand Gugger
Bertrand Gugger

Last night, Bertrand Gugger, an active member of the jQuery community (toggg on #jquery) and frequent contributor of French jQuery articles and translations, passed away.

He was an active contributor to a number of Open Source projects (English) including PEAR PHP and SPIP (a PHP-based CMS).

His generosity, caring, and humor will be remembered, and missed, by us all.

10 thoughts on “A salute to jQuery contributor, Toggg

  1. Chris on said:

    Wow… that’s really too bad. I wish his family the best.

    He helped me on a few occasions on the IRC channel. And just recently too.

  2. I’ve known toggg through irc for many years now. He helped me a LOT with pear, smarty, jquery, as well as acting as my own personal French translator. He had a unique sense of humor that I always appreciated. He was a very knowledgeable guy, but was never condescending. He helped me through many technical problems when no one else would and I will greatly miss his strange French wit and our man bizarre and humorous exchanges.

  3. DSK Charkavarthy on said:

    Pray god to bless his soul to rest in peace. A big loss for the tech people, and am sure no one can raise to that level.

  4. adrian on said:


    I did not know the guy, but I can only assume he was a great human being.

    My condolences to his family.

  5. Pete "Mash" Morgan on said:

    I am stunned today to find that my good friend, geek, hacker, chatter, frenchman, le toggg has left the current world Internet system for a better faster e.bit^n metwork above.

    To write a review of what togg has done only needs a quick search for toggg in the sf.net, PEAR archives and his contribution is there for our eternity, and the future, and we will eternally thank him for every chracter of every code line (excluding comments ;-)

    On IRC he was always le interseting one, respected users for their worth, being challening, rude, offensive, defensive, expecting an argument, resolving one, creating one, giving valid opinion et all, quite frankly I’m a bit disappointed that I never met him for a beer++, physically, although we sunk a few online i’m sure with early morning chat.

    As a coder he was always way ahead, eg most people are starting to use prototype.js and he’s already on jQuery. I went with his flow and he has influensed a lot of directions for others I’m sure.

    Indeed one chesirable moment I never forget is when on the #tikiwiki channel he posed a question about the “output filter” for #smarty and how inefficent it was, a little rant. Then he said “I’ll have a quick hack at that” and then a commit around one hour later (the BOT reported). The complete and utter gibberish to me in regex in one line of 6 characters, such was his genius (?|{imho}|*).

    I often pondered upon whether he was actually a bot at one point, as he seemed to multitask and reply to humanoid questions, on a few IRC channels all at once.

    So in true “taffy” style, I raise my brandy glass to you, take the first sip and spit it on the floor, and will weep my sorrow this once with the rest.

    Then tomorrow I will celebrate and code better because your looking at my compiz/ubuntu desktop from upstairs ;-) .. “works toggg.. promise… listen let me get on with things down here first before I come upstairs… later…. ”

    I miss him already.

    With all respect to family et all.

    Will always be in my heart.

  6. pete "mash" morgan on said:

    As I was coding the dark hours,
    thoroughly here but sat on a javascript, with jquery, smarty, prototypes,

    Then I thought to myself..
    What would toggg do ??

    Toggg, are u out there ?
    Can you hear us ?