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jQuery Widget

Ryan Dunphey has just released a brand new jQuery Dashboard Widget that you can use to browse the jQuery API, even when you’re not connected to the Internet. You can download the, sharply designed, widget from jQuery SVN.

If you’re interested in doing some dashboard development (and especially widget development using jQuery), you can learn from this widget, as the full source code of it is in the jQuery SVN repository.

This fantastic work (and the subsequent open source release of the widget) was sponsored by Ryan’s employer, Medallia. Incidentally, if you’re interested in getting paid to do some jQuery coding, Medallia has a Front-End Developer position open.

3 thoughts on “jQuery Dashboard Widget

  1. That’s a great widget. Unfortunately I don’t use Macintosh. Will there be an alternative for Windows as gadget for the “Microsoft Windows Sidebar”? Thinking of switching to Linux, it would be great to have such a desktop “tool”, which would really fasten my decidition of using Linux instead of Microsoft Windows XP. I’m only thinking about which distribution to choose: I don’t know whether Fedora or Ubuntu is better for my purposes. Also I can’t imagine using another PHP editor than “PHP Designer”. “PHP Designer” is the best application for developing in PHP I’ve ever got known.
    Thank you very much for you answers.

    Best regards,

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