SXSWi jQuery Meetup

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Right now the annual SXSWi conference is happening in beautiful, sunny, Austin, Texas. Interestingly enough, there’s a ton of jQuery users here (as am I). I’ve already had the opportunity to talk with a number of you, but we should really do a proper get together.

As proposed by Luke Lutman, on the mailing list, and Cody Lindley (of Thickbox fame) – let’s do a meetup! Let’s say Monday (Mar 12th) at lunch. Meet at the main doors facing the Courtyard Hotel. If you have any troubles, feel free to give me a call at 585-615-5287 and I’ll direct you in.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Update: Just to clarify, this is at 12:30pm (after the 11:30am-12:30pm session ends). And the doors are at the corner of Trinity and and Fourth St. I’ll be wearing a bright red Atari T-Shirt, so I should be easy to spot.

5 thoughts on “SXSWi jQuery Meetup

  1. Hey John,
    was a pleasure meeting you. Finally. Was good to geek out a bit and talk about design patterns. Cool stuff. I’d be interested in hearing more on how you’re applying those on jQuery.