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The release of jQuery 1.1.2 is upon us! This is a another bug fix release. We’ve fixed a number of outstanding issues. The fixes have been tested well, so there shouldn’t be any regressions (knock on wood). The most noticeable issue that was resolved was related to animation flickers when doing a slideDown.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns with new release, please feel free to discuss it on the jQuery Mailing List. If you think you’ve spotted a bug, please add it to the bug tracker.


Bug Fixes

The most important bug fixes, relevant to this release, are as follows:

  1. Change: Event handlers (like element.onclick) are now removed when no more functions are bound to the event.
  2. Fixed: DOM Manipulations for form elements.
  3. Fixed: jQuery.isFunction to return false on nodes.
  4. Fixed: jQuery.className.has, escaping regex characters in className (for metadata)
  5. Fixed: an issue in IE where an event on a cloned element is fired during a .clone() inside of an event handler.
  6. Fixed: IE ID selectors selecting by the name attribute.
  7. Changed: Events are now internally stored in elem.$events rather than elem.events (due to a nasty bug relating to DOM 0 expandos).
  8. Changed: .attr('href') is now consistent in all browsers.
  9. Changed: @href is now consistent in all browsers.
  10. Fixed: the slideDown flickering bug.
  11. Fixed: Having a \r endline in $("...") caused a never-ending loop.
  12. Fixed: IE6 AJAX memory leak
  13. Fixed: bug in pushStack, reporting an element at [0] in a jQuery object with length 0


Additionally, the documentation has been back-ported out of the wiki and into the API docs. All of the documentation resources have been updated in respect to the 1.1.2 release.

Leading up to jQuery 1.1.3…

This may seem like a fairly light bug fix release, but we’re gearing up to the release of jQuery 1.1.3. A number of outstanding bugs (about 5-10) require significant changes to how jQuery works, internally (specifically, in relation to events and animations). We want to make 100% certain that there are no regressions made to these important pieces of code.

We have patches nearly ready (animation is ready, events is in the works) – and when that’s the case, we’re going to release a preview of the 1.1.3 code so that everyone can test against it.

Update: This has also been announced on Learning jQuery: jQuery 1.1.2 Released

Update: A nasty glitch in Safari was found and fixed. We just re-tagged jQuery (it’s now SVN rev 1465 instead of 1460 – this includes a fix for the bug, and it temporarily disables the test suite in Safari) and all the jQuery 1.1.2 downloads should be updated, as well.

34 thoughts on “jQuery 1.1.2

  1. Hey thanks much, just in time when ext alpha 2 came out :) two goodies at once, oh my. sign of many good things to come yet. thanks as always,

  2. Eeks, SlideDown got a new bug now doh’e, it keeps adding extra pixels to the total height every time it toggles (slideToggle()), hm, ok

  3. Hey again, sorry , not sure what above post was , but its not a bug, something other .

    Some good things i notice on the upgrade, i notice the interaction of my events have speed up some, I use lots of mouseover and mouseout events and advance DOM editing, works out grate, got even more faster on this upgrade, sorry wish i had a edit button for the post here. good to go.

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  6. I think there is a huge probleme on this version….
    try to run the test suite under safari 2.0.4…. it crashes completely the browser….
    someone can confirm ?

  7. @StuFF: That’s always been the case with Safari. This particular test suite uncovers some pretty huge issues with Safari (namely, memory overflows that cause the browser to crash). But yes, we have other ways through which we test Safari. We’re going to be pushing a new test suite live, soon – one that one have these problems.

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  10. Awesome that things are moving along.

    I am, however, getting stack overflow errors in IE 7 with the latest revision (1465) of jQuery 1.1.2. I’m sure you are well aware of the problem…Since I hadn’t seen a post regarding this (save for the Safari test suite issue), I figured I’d throw this out there.

  11. brandon on said:

    @Matt: I’m unable to reproduce the stack overflow error. Could you possibly give some more details or even better put up a simple example? That way we can track it down and get it fixed!

  12. @STuFF Ouch… Me too, my project i been working on with jquery was working fine, until this new update, made my Safri Crach with new version upgrade. ouch, eeks . someone please suggestion a fix.

  13. @nilesh and @STuFF – please re-download the release, it has already been updated to handle the bug in Safari
    “A nasty glitch in Safari was found and fixed. We just re-tagged jQuery (it’s now SVN rev 1465 instead of 1460 – this includes a fix for the bug, and it temporarily disables the test suite in Safari) and all the jQuery 1.1.2 downloads should be updated, as well.”

  14. Sure. My apologies for taking so long to respond. An example can be seen here:


    The problem seems to occur when firing the $(‘#cplogin’).submit(); function. In FF I get the “too much recursion” error and in IE 7 I get a pleasant alert box telling me of a stack overflow.

  15. > Eddie Maddox Says:
    > March 1st, 2007 at 2:11 pm
    > jquery-1.1.2.release.zip seems to be missing a /src directory, with some *Test.js files.

    Still true for the 5 MAR 2007 nightly.
    Any hope of this being corrected soon, please?

    Thank you,

  16. David-Lee on said:

    why my script :
    $( document.body ).background( “Black” );
    all of the attributes in css return error
    like this $( “myDiv” ).color( “red” )
    return error ?

  17. David-Lee on said:

    I know !!
    My JQuery Verson Is 1.1.2 ^_^|||
    It Cann Be $( document.body ).css( “background”,”#ff0000″ )!!!!
    very easily !!!!

  18. Steve Lucas on said:

    @Brandon Any solution to the IE “stack overflow” error, Matt mentioned above?

  19. “Eeks, SlideDown got a new bug now doh’e, it keeps adding extra pixels to the total height every time it toggles (slideToggle()), hm, ok”

    I’m getting this same issue in IE6. When I have any padding/margins or clear div’s inside the container I want to slideDown, IE6 adds extra pixels to the end and then quickly grabs them back and brings the div height back to normal. I see this as a glitch because the container div expands down past the content and then glitches it back up to the normal area. I just upgraded to 1.1.3.

    Can anyone help me with a solution?

  20. I have a problem using jquery in IE 6. The radio buttons doesnt show as selected but the view source says the value is set for the radio button. If i explicitly set the value and then collapse and expand the tab it disappears.Can anyone provide some help on this.

  21. This code don’t work in IE7 (stack overflow) :

    var savSuffix = “_sav”;

    function removeAndSaveAttr(elem, attr) {
    var e = jQuery(elem);
    var value = e.attr(attr);
    e.attr(attr + savSuffix, value);

    function retrieveAttr(elem, attr) {
    var e = jQuery(elem);
    var value = e.attr(attr + savSuffix);
    e.attr(attr, value);
    e.removeAttr(attr + savSuffix);

    function disableEntry() {
    jQuery(“:input[disabled]”).each(function() {removeAndSaveAttr(this, “disabled”)});
    jQuery(“:input”).each(function() {jQuery(this).attr(“disabled”, “disabled”)});

    jQuery(“[@onclick]”).each(function() {removeAndSaveAttr(this, “onclick”)});

    jQuery(“a[@href]”).each(function() {removeAndSaveAttr(this, “href”)});

    retrieveAttr(“#btn_on”, “onclick”);
    function enableEntry() {
    jQuery(“:input[disabled” + savSuffix + “]”).each(function() {retrieveAttr(this, “disabled”)});

    jQuery(“[@onclick” + savSuffix + “]”).each(function() {retrieveAttr(this, “onclick”)});

    jQuery(“a[@href” + savSuffix + “]”).each(function() {retrieveAttr(this, “href”)});

    a link with onclick
    a link
    a checkbox

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  23. Jquery is Good and Best in Sliders and Images effects.
    I have used it many times but i cant make a perfect element. i use Flash for Creating button :(
    it was too horible