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In addition to jQuery’s great Mailing List and Documentation, there’s another place where users can seek help about jQuery problems: We have a very active jQuery IRC channel.

Even though it’s never really been publicly announced, the channel currently averages over 50 simultaneous users, including some friendly jQuery bots! Hosted on, #jquery always has users who are online and willing to answer your questions (of which, they are often answered within minutes of their being asked).

Here’s the information that you will need in order to connect to the channel:
Room: #jquery

jQuery team members, especially John Resig (nick: JohnResig), Joern Zaefferer (nick: JoernZaefferer), and Yehuda Katz (nick: wycats) are frequently in attendance, helping experienced and new users alike with both complex and trivial problems.

The IRC Channel is best if you need quick help with any of the following:

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery Syntax
  • Problem Solving
  • Strange bugs

If your problem is more in-depth, we may ask you to post to the mailing list, or the bug tracker, so that we can help you in a more-suitable environment.

Additionally, we recently started logging the channel, so you can now look back through to find answers to your old problems: jQuery IRC channel Log

3 thoughts on “The jQuery IRC Channel

  1. Joel Birch on said:

    Checking it out now. If any Mac users are looking for a good client, I just tried Colloquy and it is everything you could possible want from a Mac app.

  2. alex on said:

    I use, very good online irc client. U can use it from Mac, pc, linux .. whatever! haha