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The bug fix release for 1.1 is now ready for all to use. There were a lot of weird behaviors that were discovered post-1.1 that needed to be remedied sooner, rather than later. If you were having any difficulties with the 1.1 release, please try this new release to see if your problems were solved.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns with new release, please feel free to discuss it on the jQuery Mailing List. If you think you’ve spotted a bug, please add it to the bug tracker.


Every bug ever fixed with jQuery can be found on the main bug fixes list. The most important bug fixes, relevant to this release, are as follows:

  1. Setting the numerical value of a css property failed, for example: .css(“opacity”,0.5) (also occurred with zIndex, fontWeight)
  2. Calling $(…, jqobj) with a context of a jQuery object failed.
  3. Accessing a property on an element that doesn’t exist caused an error, for example: $(“#foobar”).attr(“id”)
  4. Calling .load() without a callback caused an error.
  5. You couldn’t cancel an event that was triggered using .trigger() or .click() (for example).
  6. .add()ing a single DOM element to a jQuery object was broken.
  7. Passing in undefined values to a $.post() caused weird errors to occur.
  8. Accessing child nodes within an example document didn’t work properly.
  9. jQuery.isFunction() was unable to reliably determine a function, in a cross-browser way.
  10. Triggering a .click() failed in IE.
  11. Triggered click handlers were executed twice in most browsers.
  12. A newline passed into $(“…”) caused Firefox to go into a never-ending loop.
  13. Calling $.post() without any data caused an error.
  14. Calling a descendant selector after a child selector caused strange results, for example: $(“ul > li ul”)
  15. Triggered events did not occur if an event handler was not bound for that event.

12 thoughts on “jQuery 1.1.1

  1. Andrey Skvortsov on said:

    Thanks a lot,it’s very nice practice to release early(particularly bugfix versions) for such “dynamic” framework as JQuery.

    Best wishes.

  2. Enrique Melendez on said:

    just a curiosity question, did this bugs exist in previous version or just appear with this new release?

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  4. Today, I switched one of my projects from xajax, Prototype and script.aculo.us to jQuery and Interface and the gain of speed is just incredible!

    I am not completely done yet but so far the page load is 35% faster and the sourcecode is smaller by 15%. There are some things that aren’t working perfect right now but with the help of the new documentation I am quite confident that I will sort those problems out. :-)

  5. Owan Hunte on said:

    John you and the jQuery team deserve a mountain of praise and thankyous for this superb library. I started using jQuery around July of last year and it has been a Godsend. Although I’m a hard-core programmer, I still like to have fun when I’m doing it as much as possible and jQuery helps me do just that where my web development feats are concerned. Also the fact that jQuery is lean and mean, as opposed to unnecessarily bloated like many other JavaScript libraries out there is a huge bonus :).

    So let me leave by saying, thank you, thank you, thank you guys. Keep up the phenomenal work you’re doing, the community appreciates it tremendously.

  6. Hi. Sorry, I guess this isn’t really the right place for this, but just in case:

    I’ve started to write a “find as you type” plugin / bookmarklet for Internet Explorer. The code below almost works but needs sorting out a bit. Unfortunately I don’t really have the time to do this, but the code could be use to someone.

    What it does is adds a search bar with an input field at the bottom of the page. It then tries to doa find as you type search – like Firefox does.

    If someone gets this working then it could be made into a bookamrklet.


    $(“body”).append(‘Find: ‘);

    $(“#ieSearch”).keyup( function() {
    if ($(“#searchInput”).val().length > 1 ) {
    $(“body”).each(function() {
    //$(“#searchInput”).val() , ”+$(“#searchInput”).val()+”
    $(“#searchInput”).val() , ‘*’+$(“#searchInput”).val()+” , true
    } );