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We’re nearly ready for the big 1.1 release, this Sunday – but to hold you over, here’s another set of bug fixes to test upon. The jQuery dev team has been working long-and-hard to fix all the support requests that’ve been coming in this week, and we’ve been pretty successful in fixing just about everything that’s come across our plate.

We’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to test the new 1.1b with your code, and if you spot any bugs, to please submit them to the bug tracker.

It’s not all bug fixes, however; we do have something new for you to try: The jQuery 1.0 Compatibility Plugin. As promised, this plugin provides all of the methods and selectors that were present in the last 1.0.4 release. So, theoretically, you should be able to drop in jQuery 1.1, and the new compatibility plugin and everything should work seamlessly.

This is how you would use the compatibility plugin with jQuery 1.1:

  <script src="jquery-1.1.js"></script>
  <script src="jquery.compat-1.0.js"></script>
        // Your old 1.0-centric code

So, while its fully possible to continue using the compatibility plugin into the foreseeable future, it is highly recommended that you follow the upgrade plans mentioned before.

So, again; please help us test this beta release! The more you help test, the better the final 1.1 release is going to be. Thanks for all your help!


Update: There’s a couple things that I forgot to mention (that’s what I get for posting a release at 4am in the morning):

  • .filter([“.foo”, “.bar”]) is now .filter(“.foo, .bar”): A much simpler solution – and a fix is already in the compatibility plugin.
  • .We decided to keep .height() and .width(). They’re back in, as they’re quite useful.
  • The documentation is updated to 1.1b (so for those of you who still saw .filter([…]) or didn’t see .height() and .width() – it’s fixed now.)

13 thoughts on “jQuery 1.1b

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  2. SoftExpert on said:

    There seems to be an error with the packed version of 1.1b (I used http://dean.edwards.name/packer/ with default options) throws “missing ; before statement” !
    Don’t know how to debug it :-(
    Unpacked version is awesome !!! :-)

  3. there seems to be a (new) bug, if i use filter with an array of strings i.e. $(“p”).filter([“.selected”, “:first”]);

    btw. would be great, if you could provide a hasClass method (alias).

  4. width() and height() are reintroduced and differ from the initial implementation and its css() counterpart. The docs contain the details. Basically width/height() return the elements computed dimensions, even if the element is hidden, as a Number. css(“width/height”) returns the value as defined in the stylesheet, with “px” or whatever is used (eg. “em”).

    Looks like the old array based filter should be added to the compability plugin.

  5. Sorry everyone – as Joern mentioned, .height() and .width() are back in (and you’ll now seem them back in the docs). Also .filter([“.foo”,”.bar”]) is now .filter(“.foo,.bar”) – and a fix has been added to the compatibility plugin. Sorry for the confusion.

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  7. Yay, speed updates to the core. However, I’m far more excited about the introduction of animateClass and animateStyle in the Interface package. I just took a moment to play with this and I can easily say this is going to really kick jquery up the notch for me. (I stumbled into the dev code as I was looking to submit a patch to code which no longer exists :D)

    Amazing work, now go make it as fast as domQuery ;D

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