jQuery Button Contest Winners

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The votes are in! Here are the winners of the jQuery Button Contest:

The Winners

  1. First Place Prize (93 votes): Two Books – Ajax Design Patterns and John Resig’s upcoming Pro JavaScript Techniques
    Ned Collyer, Australia:

    HTML: (Copy this into your web site to use this button)

  2. Second Place Prize (83 votes): One Book – Foundations of Ajax
    Cyril Demars, France:

    HTML: (Copy this into your web site to use this button)

  3. Third Place Prize (75 votes): $10 Cash to a PayPal account of your choosing!
    Altstack, Japan:

    HTML: (Copy this into your web site to use this button)

I’m quite pleased with the results, there’s a good mix of sizes and styles – a little something for everyone. If each of the winners could contact me, we’ll arrange for your prizes right away.

Remember: Even if your favorite entry didn’t win, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to promote jQuery.

On another note: The redesign (and reorganization) of the jQuery web site is in full swing. There are a couple professional web designers who are graciously donating their time to make the new site come alive. Expect to see some more updates on this front very soon.

I’d like to, again, thank everyone for participating – this has been a fantastic contest. I’m immensely pleased, and I hope you are too!

57 thoughts on “jQuery Button Contest Winners

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  3. Mourner on said:

    Congratulations to the winners! Though many people did a great job, the prizes are well-deserved.

  4. I thought the winner was nice but not nice enough. So i combined two entries together to get what i think is the best.

  5. Laurent on said:

    ok congrats to the winners…but is it JQUery or jQuery or JQUERY?
    Shouldn’t you use the correct spelling/case of the project’s name when marketing it?

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