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Another bug-fix release is ready for all to enjoy! It is highly recommended that you upgrade right away. As always, if you spot a bug, please add it to the bug tracker.

As with the last release, jQuery 1.0.3 is featuring only bug fixes – leaving all API additions/changes/deletions until the next full release: jQuery 1.1.

Once again, Jörn Zaefferer did an incredible job really keeping on top of the bugs, fixing the vast majority of them. Much of this release was made possible by him.

Download Now:

This release includes a new package: A complete zip file of everything associated with this release. This includes three versions of jQuery (Regular, Lite, and Packed), the test suite, and all the documentation. Now you don’t have to build it yourself just to have your own copy.

Tickets Closed:

The full set of bugs, or enhancements, that were closed with this release:

Note: Even though about 60 bugs are shown below, many of them were messed with by spammers – so I’m not entirely sure which ones were fixed this release and which ones are just zombie bugs that got re-closed. I’m fairly positive that while there were a lot of bug fixes this release, there weren’t 60 of them.

  1. hover cross browser issue
  2. hoverClass
  3. slideUp/Down buggy in Opera 9.01
  4. jQuery?s toggle(); gets mixed up with moo.fx?s toggle();
  5. FX flash bug in animations
  6. .css() returns incorrect values
  7. Normalize event object
  8. Opacity should go to 1.0
  9. appending thead to table
  10. Problem with ‘e’ being passed to JQuery.css()
  11. [PATCH] IE Opacity issues resolved
  12. bug in show when used inside callback
  13. [jQuery] hover function does not invoke mouseout callback
  14. children() may return nothing
  15. [PATCH] $().hover error in firefox
  16. Context is being modified
  17. .text() includes comments
  18. Animation Queueing is Broken?
  19. IE weirdness on semi-opaque anti-aliased text, a small fix
  20. $([[‘a’, ‘b’]]).length
  21. $().trigger broken since rev. 127
  22. JS ‘warnings’ generated in firefox
  23. Leak for Mozilla/Firefox browsers (using addEventListener)
  24. Safari crash in test suite
  25. remove() & remove(expr) not work
  26. [PATCH] innerWidth and innerHeight fails in IE with no borders
  27. $.load requires a callback
  28. o.getAttribute is not a function (line 634)
  29. Unavailable response header breaks Firefox 1.0
  30. Problems with show and hide
  31. Nested in display:none gives width()/height()=0
  32. this.set is not a function
  33. ifModified arg to $.ajax()
  34. ready does not work over https with msie – fix
  35. Params to $.get() are appended wrong to querystring
  36. ajax summary / todo list
  37. $(‘node1/node2’) gives error when node1 is empty
  38. The float property for IE
  39. Opacity doesn’t work in IE
  40. $.postJSON
  41. cloneNode() issues
  42. “name.replace is not a function” in 1.0.2
  43. it is impossible to implicitly abandon search context (without .end())
  44. load() of html is not shown properly after hide/show
  45. Seperate private and public $.extend
  46. $.load should automatically be JQuerified
  47. ajaxStart and ajaxStop are having issues
  48. .add( jQuery )
  49. Double assignment when setting iframe src attribute
  50. XML not properly parsed by Interface Autocompleter
  51. Some variables are not initialized properly in jQuery.ajax in 1.0.2
  52. $.ajax: Evaluate JS for “html” dataType like load()
  53. $(‘something’).load(‘test.html’).show(“slow”) won’t work
  54. Mod of API Docs for jQuery “val”
  55. jQuery 1.0.2 appears to break the Interface Elements Autocompleter plugin
  56. Hyphens in CSS, IE6
  57. Assert that animate does not alter the hash param
  58. .animate() overflow not reset

21 thoughts on “jQuery 1.0.3

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  2. Steve O on said:

    When I try to use 1.0.3, I get a javascript error because of the following line:

    1015: event.target = event.srcElement;

    The error I get (only in IE, which is consistent with the above since line 1015 is in the if (jQuery.browser.msie) block). The above line is not in 1.0.2, which works just fine for me.

    The error IE complains about is:
    ‘null’ is null or not an object

  3. @Andrey: The best way to get the raw XMLHttpRequest object is to have a ‘complete’ handler, for example:

      url: "test.html",
      complete: function(res){
        // res == The XMLHttpRequest Object

    @Steve: Are you able to duplicate it consistently? Could you post a bug to the bug tracker with Critical priority, if that’s the case?

  4. @Steve / @John: Get the same error in IE when i make an $.ajax() call…

    I posted a this as critical in bug tracker.

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  6. Andrey Skvortsov on said:

    Thanks for suggestion,John,so you say XmlHTTPRequest available only for generic ajax requests? $.get,post,load are out of luck?It’s not very consistent for framework,don’t you think?And if you accept that I say,why put such constraints in the first place?

    Best wishes.

  7. Andrey Skvortsov on said:

    By the way,why $.ajax has success/complete/… separation but other ajax functions dosen’t?So,I have to use function(xml,status){} signature all the time and check for “success” myself using “status”.Could you,please,provide more consistent programming model for ajax requests?


  8. Wouldn’t it be better to you write the test to “prevent execution of jQuery if included more then once” (the one at the beginning) outside the eval block in the compressed file?

    I’m not really sure but I think it would prevent the parsing of the eval block and thus be faster.

  9. Not sure if this is a bug or something intentional but with 1.0.3 when animating objects they now seem to quickly fade-in and fade-out.

    Thank you so much for all your incredible work!

  10. It looks like a lot of bug fixes, but unfortunately I can’t upgrade. Whatever has changed has caused the tabs plugin to not work correctly in IE. I’d submit a bug report, but I have no idea on what the problem might be.

  11. Andrey Skvortsov on said:

    Small bug(feature)-if you’are using saveHistory behavior(very useful feature for “form” element) of IE-getAttribute/setAttribute methods are “blocked/overrided”,hence $().attr() dosen’t work at all.You have been warned;-)

    Best wishes.

  12. Found a bug with using hover event binding in IE. Memory keeps spiking whenever i hover over any elements that went through the hover binding process. Also noticed that the IE memory leak hasn’t been addressed yet. (Memory leak whenever the page refreshes)

    function navMenu()
    if ($.browser.msie)
    { /* memory leak */
    $(“#navMain”).find(“#navMain > li”).hover(function()

  13. @Essen:

    If you have enough control over your page to worry about performance, you can just avoid including jQuery more then once, therefore preventing any performance issues. The check is necessary for cases where you don’t have that control.

    @all bug reporters:

    Could you please use the bug reporting (http://jquery.com/dev/bugs/new/) to post bugs? Thats helps a lot to keep thing organized and getting them done. Thanks!

  14. Hello John, everyone!

    I wanted to let you know that it seems Jquery is having a conflict with the latest Mootools library. I am not a .js script kiddie at all, but I noticed that if mootools is activated AFTER JQuery, then it cuases issues with scripts written in JQuery. I am a Joomla developer and have created 2 extensions in my demo site at http://demo.joomlaworks.gr, the one uses JQuery (the Header Rotator) and the other (Simple Image Gallery) uses Mootools.

    Changing the order of the scripts solves the problem. I tried various activations/deactivations with both libraries and it seems that the problem is only with JQuery.

    Thanks in advance for any input/feedback on this.

    Fotis Evangelou