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jQuery 1.0.2 is now ready for consumption! This release is a huge bug fix release – and it is highly recommended that you upgrade right away. As always, if you spot a bug, please add it to the bug tracker.

In addition to having a better test suite, a big push for this release was to have better cross-browser compatibility for common tasks (such as AJAX operations). Functionally, however, no major features have been added to this release (although, expect some new code come 1.1).

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to Jörn Zaefferer. Much of this release was made possible by him. He’s responsible for completely overhauling the test suite (it now has over 260+ tests!) and for fixing the majority of the current bugs and enhancements (over 60 of them!). If you want someone to thank for this release, it should be him.

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Tickets Closed:

The full set of bugs, or enhancements, that were closed with this release:

  1. Cross Browser Dimensions
  2. I.E. text rendering at full opacity
  3. FadeIn/FadeOut breaks if opacity is already set
  4. css(‘top’) and css(‘left’)
  5. fx.custom() doesn’t work for opacity in IE
  6. Opacity doesn’t work in IE
  7. jQuery IE6 bug with base href
  8. [PATCH] IE Opacity issues resolved
  9. Namespaced Selection of Elements and Attributes
  10. append(html) function fails, if html is a table fragment and begins with whitespace
  11. IE weirdness on semi-opaque anti-aliased text, a small fix
  12. a fix for getAttribute(‘action’) in forms
  13. IE throws errors for $(this) in nested each loops
  14. IE5 scripting error
  15. Leak for Mozilla/Firefox browsers (using addEventListener)
  16. filter seemingly not operating correctly
  17. $(‘node1/node2’) gives error when node1 is empty
  18. add does not merge sets
  19. extend not(jQuery) to be able to operate with sets
  20. document the behaviour of $(”
  21. $.load requires a callback
  22. [PATCH] $().hover error in firefox
  23. Attribute values in :not()
  24. children() may return nothing
  25. IE throws errors for $(this) in nested each loops
  26. ajax summary / todo list
  27. Safari crash in test suite
  28. wrong safari detection
  29. different behavior for next() in IE and Firefox
  30. [PATCH] IE Memory Leaks from event system
  31. Different Encodings for AJAX
  32. IE 6 removes whitespace, eg. when using append
  33. hover() mouseout bug
  34. $.postJSON
  35. Params to $.get() are appended wrong to querystring,
  36. calling load without arguments throws exception
  37. Returning script tag in IE fails
  38. Unavailable response header breaks Firefox 1.0
  39. ifModified arg to $.ajax()
  40. Timeout as Argument to AJAX
  41. Replacement :input, :radio, etc.
  42. Ajax refactoring
  43. jQuery’s toggle(); gets mixed up with moo.fx’s toggle();
  44. Error Parsing Opacity
  45. .constructor == Function is not enough
  46. [PATCH] $().hasClass()
  47. Create IE 5.0 Support Plugin
  48. [PATCH] innerWidth and innerHeight fails in IE with no borders
  49. sibling() returns siblings and the subject
  50. IE fails with #element/* expressions
  51. XHTML Tables
  52. wrap breaks when the HTML structure contains text
  53. Fix for attribute *=, ^=, and $= in cases where special attributes.
  54. `]` breaks selectors
  55. Including jQuery again overwrites already registered document-ready events
  56. Expression generates error in FireFox
  57. support of ancestor:: axis
  58. prev() does not work as expected
  59. nth-of-type
  60. Animate function release
  61. attr(‘checked’, true) doesn’t work

16 thoughts on “jQuery 1.0.2

  1. Great Work! Thank you.

    Still trying to replace Prototypes Ajax-Updater() with jQuery. But thats offtopic. ;-)

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  4. Paul Watson on said:

    Excellent, thanks guys. I take it I can just drop this in and replace my current jQuery without any changes.

  5. Andreas Haller on said:

    nice. i installed it and have the feeling that stuff works a lot more stable and fast now. thanks for the release.

  6. Matthew on said:

    I do have a suggestion, In ajax returned HTML it would be nice if any tags are automaticly exected on the ajax resolve.
    i have jerry-rigged for now( working perfectly, and only took me 3 days :P) it but it would be nice if jQuery could support this nativly.

    I’ll submit this to the bug tracker if not already there.

  7. Matthew on said:

    Above Comment is missing a word.

    As Posted: In ajax returned HTML it would be nice if any tags are automaticly exected on the ajax resolve.

    It Should Be: In ajax returned HTML it would be nice if any <script> tags are automaticly exected on the ajax resolve.

    Sorry for the double comment.

  8. Matthew on said:

    @Julián Cellini
    Everytihng works fine for me in FF IE 5.5,6.0 and Opera 9.0

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  10. Julián Cellini on said:


    I double Check:

    1) I Download to my desktop (with firefox “Save web page, complete”):


    2) then, download the xml y htc from the highlighter:

    3) Then, I download:


    4)And replace the old jquery.js with the new

    the menus stop to show with the cool fadein/out effect, but begin to work in IE.

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8.1) Gecko/20061003 Firefox/2.0


    IE 6.0.2900.2180

    Hope this help