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People are really starting to pick up on the “jQuery thing”! I’ve given a number of interviews and presentations lately concerning jQuery. Here are most of the interviews: One for a magazine, two for online articles, and one podcast. Enjoy!

eWeek: jQuery Eases JavaScript, AJAX Development

As more developers adopt the practice of AJAX-style development to create more interactive applications, they are looking for tools to make the job easier.

One such tool is jQuery, which some users say makes AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) development cleaner by making using JavaScript easier. JavaScript is notoriously difficult to work with, said a group of experts at Microsoft’s Lang.Net symposium in early August, in Redmond, Wash.

Drupal Podcast: jQuery Author John Resig

We’ve just posted the 21st episode of the Drupal Podcast! It is an interview with JQuery author, John Resig. We talk about what JQuery is, how it works, and how it will fit into Drupal.

.net Magazine: John Resig of jQuery

Most of the “big” updates to jQuery are going to be community related. I’m now working with a number of international jQuery users who will be translating the documentation and the site’s blog posts into other languages; most likely German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and French to start with.

Additionally, since jQuery has an incredibly easy plugin architecture, I’m also working on improving the overall developer community and organization – think Sourceforge for jQuery.

InfoWorld: JavaScript, .Net developers aided in separate projects

In the JavaScript arena, the open source jQuery project provides developers with a JavaScript library to improve the quality of Web applications. JQuery makes it easier to write JavaScript and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), said John Resig, lead developer of jQuery and also an author.

“The big thing that makes it different form other JavaScript libraries is it doesn’t really try to impose itself on you,” Resig said. Developers should be able to write shorter code than before while still getting equal if not better functionality, he said.

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