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The first post-1.0 release is now ready – and (as you would probably expect) it’s a bug fix release. I’ve been working on fixing up some of the most pressing 1.0 bugs during the past couple days and I think it’s ready to go. So, without further ado – here’s jQuery 1.0.1:

I definitely recommend that you upgrade to this release since it’ll only help make your development go easier (I expect that the next few point releases will be rather feature-lite). Here’s what’s been fixed in this release:

There’s a couple more, less-pressing, bug fixes waiting in the queue, with a bunch of nice enhancements coming up soon (especially for the AJAX functions, thanks to Will Jessup). The next move is going to be putting the finishing touches on the API documentation and moving proj.jquery.com to jquery.com.

As always, if you spot any bugs, please feel free to post them to the bug tracker (it helps me to keep tabs on everything, and keep it organized).

Update: I’ve applied two hot fixes to this update, both of which fix big problems with this bug update. That’s what I get for releasing this at some awful time in the morning. Please make sure you get the latest source from this page.

8 thoughts on “jQuery 1.0.1

  1. Olle Jonsson on said:

    Yeah, good going! Thanks for your hard work, John & you other patchers.

    The JS crowd goes wild.

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  3. Mladen Mihajlovic on said:

    I would recommend that you update the version number even for the new hotfixes as it will just get confusing.

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  5. ok, should i cay about this or not?

    in this new version css(‘background-color’) = not working IE, in past r300 version = works in ie.

    yet i try using just ‘background’ and it works in ie. odd. just wanted to point it out well its fresh.

    onMouseOver=”$(this).css(‘background-color’,’#EEE’); ”

    thanks, i really enjoy using jquery in all my project now.
    onMouseOut=”$(this).css(‘background-color’,’#FFF’); “

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