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I’d like to take this opportunity to announce the brand new jQuery 1.0! A lot of work has gone into this release. A lot of bugs fixed, a ton of new features, and a complete overhaul of how the jQuery development process is run.

In reality, this release is so large, it’s going to take a couple days to release it (this includes a new version of the jQuery web site). So bare with us as we make the transition over to full release. There’s some kinks that’ll have to be worked out (namely, finalizing the new documentation) but it’s all in the pipeline and will be ready within the next couple days.

For now, here are some relevant links to get you started:

If you want to build your own copies of jQuery, you can check it out of Subversion and build it from the command line. You can get the latest jQuery by doing:

svn co svn://jquery.com/home/jquery/src/jquery

There’s so much more to come. I’ll be doing a post every day this week detailing some aspect of jQuery 1.0 along with some screencasts demonstrating what you can do with all the new code. Please, if you spot any bugs, file them in the bug tracker:

I’d like to thank everyone who made this release possible. It’s been a lot of work, but the journey is only just beginning. I can’t wait to delve into some of the very exciting advances that we have planned. Happy Coding!

Update: Here’s a fun fact. jQuery 1.0 has been released nearly one year after it was first conceived as a post in my weblog. Funny how those things work.

Update: The very cool Visual jQuery site has also released a preview version of the new documentation in its sharp style. The final release of their updated docs will be coming in the next couple days.

39 thoughts on “jQuery 1.0

  1. A very serious congratulations to all involved. I’ve been experimenting with jquery for a while and am enjoying it a great deal.

  2. John, great work here! I am real excited to see all the great things that people will create with jQuery and am looking forward to creating some things myself.

    Thanks again!

  3. Magnar on said:

    This is wonderful news. I’m really excited about this release, and very much looking forward to the screencasts in the coming week.

  4. Great Stuff!!

    Funny, I had actually bumped into your post a year ago and just made the connection right now!

    Again, bravo for the great piece of code!

  5. Congratulations! I’ve been waiting for this release and its documentation for months :)
    Thanks a lot!

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  8. Kevin Scholl on said:

    Congratulations to all involved. I have only recently begun toying (read: experimenting) with JQuery, but its usefulness and thoroughness are already apparent, and I look forward to utilizing it in future projects. Kudos!

  9. I would recommend that for your API reference, you should at least give anchor pointers to each method. Since the entire set of documentation is sitting on one page, I would hope that I would be able to point someone to a method such as http://jquery.com/api/#bind and not have it show me the ‘A list’

  10. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m not good at coding but jQuery is easy to digest. Being a Drupal user, I can’t wait until it’s part of Drupal core. Thank you!!

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  13. Congratulations! The entire jQuery team should definitely be proud of themselves. jQuery is a fantastic library that has definitely changed the way I implement JavaScript into my sites.

  14. Ed Brannin on said:

    Congratulations! I look forward to using this and an updated Interface plugin. Unfortunately, it broke something I was doing this morning — if you don’t mind my asking here, why was contextmenu taken out of the dynamic-bind function?

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  16. I’m sorry, but jQuery has gotten me more pissed than I’ve ever been before when trying to write something in JavaScript. It seems very illogical to me. While it may seem “fun” to chain things together, jQuery doesn’t seem to be of industry strength, nor does it appear to have any functionality for object-oriented design of classes, ect… Also, in “Visual jQuery Docs” it mentions a .children() method, that I am unable to get to work…

  17. “I’m sorry, but jQuery has gotten me more pissed than I’ve ever been before when trying to write something in JavaScript. It seems very illogical to me.”

    I’m not a programmer, so I felt the same way after working with Prototype. I was just trying to shorten A List Apart’s Zebra Tables as an excercise, and was getting frustrated. I figured if prototype was what everyone was building effects libraries (Scriptaculous and moo.fx), I should be able to do something simple.

    Then I discovered jQuery and did it in three lines. Shortest effective code I’ve ever managed to write.

    Thanks John.

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  19. What is it? I saw a blurb about it and came here to find out more, but after looking around I give up. It would be helpful you explained the it was to those who don’t know. I don’t have time to dig around for it.

  20. Dan Atkinson on said:

    Vince, if you don’t have time to figure out what jQuery is, then it simply isn’t for you. That said, I’m sure anything longer than 5 seconds to complete is a bit of a bore for you, no?!

    Whilst creating cool stuff is only a line or two of code away, you need the patience that only programmers have and jQuery is still a programmers tool, though it’s definately getting easier and more fun to use.

  21. Anselm on said:

    Great work !

    I love all the accessors which access attributes/css values of first element (val, id, css, …) which means we won’t need to do things like ‘$(“#myid”).get(0).value’ again !

    I also like the ‘toogle’ function for events and all the ‘one…’ event functions will sure be usefull.

    I only had a quick look through the Visual jQuery docs, but I think this is a great release – it keeps in the spirit of earlier jQuery releases (being a light framework to manipulate the DOM and events rather a fully fledged application framework), and adds lots of usefull functionality (and shorthands).

  22. ohh, Jquery, thanks for taking the pain away and giving me back extra time to code. oh joy! again thanks much for Jquery ,

    Anyone working on a Printable Cheat-Sheet for Jquery?

  23. Excellent!

    Great to see an update to an already outstanding framework…

    Many thanks, and well played to Visual jQuery aswell, nice bit of kit.

  24. @Nilesh: What exactly would you like such a printable sheet to look like. It’d be fairly trivial for me to create a print style sheet for Visual jQuery that would create something…

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  26. @Yehuda Katz,

    Normal basic quick refrence type of printable, one page or two page.

    just a to z list of function, and small text of what it used for. nothing fancy, just to have it as a guide next to the computer, help correct typeo, or look up unknown funcitons, recall function etc..

    maybe have one side be all refrence (a to z or brake it up in to category) (page 1)

    then maybe on other side have ssmall examples, (page 2)

    if you got time to make one, else when i find time, ill try to make one.

  27. bluedee on said:

    It is great innovation with awesome visual documentation. I hope It can be used soon in ruby on rails.