Your own Digg Spy with jQuery

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Digg-like Spy with jQuery

Remy Sharp has just released a new jQuery plugin which allows you to emulate the, very cool, Spy feature of Digg.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Spy feature of Digg has stories fade in, in real time, as people vote, moderate, or comment, on them. It’s a very slick feature for checking the pulse on the Digg community.

Remy has taken that Digg Spy concept and created a jQuery plugin that automatically pulls new items (using AJAX) from the server and gracefully fades them in. Additionally, it fades out the old items that don’t matter as much, any more.

As proof of how easy it is to use this, another Digg user has already taken the plugin and implemented it on his own site, which is quite impressive given the short amount of time that this has been out.

If you like this plugin, you should Digg Remy’s article, as I’m sure a lot of Digg users would really like their own Spy to play around with.

2 thoughts on “Your own Digg Spy with jQuery

  1. Really impressive!

    I’m only worried about accessibility, this kind of services could be accessible with very little effort (loading the last 10 items and providing links to reload the page and links to the top of the list when some content has been added, for screenreaders).

    Anyway, very good example of jQuery’s powa! :-D