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Just today Technorati pushed a new redesign live. Amongst other changes, it now uses jQuery as its primary Javascript code base. This is huge news as another big web site chooses jQuery as their Javascript library of choice.

If I had to guess, as to why they chose it, I’d say that they appreciated the bandwidth savings that jQuery afforded them, while still providing a number of useful usability improvements. I’ll see if I can hunt down who was in charge of the Javascript for the redesign to get their actual thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Technorati Using jQuery

  1. Ben Jenkins on said:

    I’ll see if I can hunt down who was in charge of the Javascript

    That’s me! You guessed correctly: jQuery is small (which is key), compatible, efficient, easy to use, and just plain kicks ass. We’ve actually been using it on Technorati for a few months now (since we launched our updated Favorites feature). With our new redesign out the door I’m looking forward to spending more time with jQuery and refactoring the rest of our code to take advantage of its features.


    (Also, I should thank my genius friend Chris Pederick — of Web Developer Toolbar fame — for pointing me in the direction of jQuery after using it on his site.)

  2. Nice work John! To have YOUR work used by Technorati…I’d be pretty excited. By the way, when can we expect v1.0? Is there a percentage of completion?